Lights shown as not reachable but can be switched through group

I have a strange problem here where I really could need some help. I do have several Paulmann lights where some of them are shown as unreachable.


        "15": {
            "colorcapabilities": 0,
            "ctmax": 65279,
            "ctmin": 0,
            "etag": "6a296b6348b1a974e91b8c4891b5325d",
            "hascolor": true,
            "lastannounced": "2022-12-15T15:22:41Z",
            "lastseen": "2023-01-13T19:20Z",
            "manufacturername": "Paulmann Licht",
            "modelid": "371000001",
            "name": "Stiegenhaus",
            "state": {
                "alert": "none",
                "bri": 191,
                "colormode": "ct",
                "ct": 197,
                "on": false,
                "reachable": false
            "swversion": "1400-0001",
            "type": "Color temperature light",
            "uniqueid": "00:15:8d:00:04:16:b1:d7-01"
        "16": {
            "colorcapabilities": 0,
            "ctmax": 65279,
            "ctmin": 0,
            "etag": "7d59e6deb8450094e9f5d573334215a2",
            "hascolor": true,
            "lastannounced": "2022-11-03T20:03:56Z",
            "lastseen": "2023-01-06T08:10Z",
            "manufacturername": "Paulmann Licht",
            "modelid": "371000002",
            "name": "Licht Bett",
            "state": {
                "alert": "none",
                "bri": 153,
                "colormode": "xy",
                "ct": 267,
                "effect": "0",
                "hue": 4902,
                "on": true,
                "reachable": false,
                "sat": 134,
                "xy": [
            "swversion": "1400-0001",
            "type": "Extended color light",
            "uniqueid": "00:15:8d:00:05:81:61:e8-01"

They can be switched by group where they are member of but not directly.

How could I debug further in order to find a solution?

Hi, Can you share some logs?

in #deconz you can find out how.

Which actions should I try when creating the log? Switching one of the unreachable devices direcly/via group? What else?

Anything that is going wrong.

How should one provide an extensive log file here?

Pastebin is fine

Am I wrong or is this problem becoming more prominent?
I still face the same issues since months now. Curious to see solutions from others.

Please find a log snippet here: 12:51:02:242 HTTP Server listen on address, port: 80, root: /usr/share/d -

For example, light no. 16 cannot be switched directly and appears as unreachable. It can be switched via a group it already belongs to (group 9). (If I create a new group and put that particular light in it I cannot even switch it on or off via that group)

There was issues on 2.19.xx, which should be solved in 2.20.0.

@elronzo I’m seeing errors where the device is indeed not reachable. ( 1. 12:51:23:247 API error 202, /lights/16/state, resource, /lights/16/state, is not modifiable. Device is not reachable.)

I suggest :

Try (if possible) 2.20.0 as this should solve some things.

deconz is runing on a headless system. So there’s no GUI. Is there any other possibility to monitor signal strength?

No there is not.

Best to either install x11 or something, or temporarily enable the gui.

That’s gonna take some time as it is not gonna happen on the current system. I’ll setup Raspbian plus deCONZ on a separate Raspberry Pi.

Honestly, I do very much doubt that it is a signal strength issue. If it was I could not even switch a light over its group.

My guess is that the devices are marked as unreachable incorrectly. And that reachability might not be checked at all (or not in the same way) when a light is switched on or off via a group.

If you are not on 2.20.x , please try that version first.

If already, I really like to see the LQI values.

Some devices just have bad antennas or there is a lot of metal around causing weak connections.

I am now on


No change in behaviour.

I saw a “Reset lights” button on the GUI’s help page. What exactly does that do?

I am currently installing X11. How do I start deConz? Are the SystemD services (deconz and deconz-gui) mutually exclusive?

I would have started deconz-gui only, followed by a “ssh -X deconzhost.lan” and “deConz”. We’ll see if that works…

deCONZ GUI is working. As I am seeing it for the first time… what am I looking for?

Can you:

On top click lqi and neighbourlinks

When the values and lines are showing, share a screenshot.

From there I’ll explain on the screen


Haven’t had time today, I’ll reply tommorow.