Lights Randomly Turning On

Hello everyone

Similar to someone else’s post recently in January, I have an issue with lights randomly turning on at all hours of the day or night. Last night one light came on in our bedroom. Last week it was a random one in a hallway, another random one in the kitchen. There is no set pattern either, it’s completely random. It was a week in between the last one happening. This has always been an issue since I first setup the lights, approximately 4 months ago. Only the bedroom one last night coming on at 3am’ish was the last straw for the wife, so now I have to “fix” it…

Setup is a Raspberry Pi 3B+, Raspbee original, latest firmware and Deconz, running on top of Raspberry Pi OS. The downlights in question are 3A/Nue Zigbee down lights. I run HomeAssistant on a seperate NAS and nothing is in the logs for the lights. So far it appears the issue is coming from Deconz.

What logging could I undertake to start debugging this issue? I note this thread shows how to obtain some logs. Are these the logs I should be collecting to help with debugging? Note I’m going to log directly to an external hard drive, so I’m not overly concerned about how long this will take. I just want to make sure I collect the correct logs…

Hi kezzad

I did face the same problems with different lights before. For me it came down to faulty lights or bad connection but never could figure out where the problem really sits. And I had one “old” Osram GU10 which did manage to turn itself on every 10 - 30 minutes…but could never find something in logs.

I tried to figure out some logic:

  1. What lights are coming on? Always the same ones? What manufacturer?
  2. Do these lights show properly connected in deconz app?
  3. What is the quality of you network? Do you use an USB extension cable? Or have you connected something else to USB on your Raspbee?
  4. Are you on latest stable version? Also the Raspbee is?
  • It did help for me to completely delete the lights (and also the groups they were in), reset them and add them to a new group.

  • On first step try not to rename them as I also experienced problems after doing this.

Please let me know if you have any success.

Kind regards