Lights turn on randomly

i have a problem with some lights turning on randomly. If i look in Phoscon, the brightness slider is at the bottom so typically they must be off but the light bulb is “on”.
I already have deleted and paired the lights again, changed the names and the group but the problem still exist. I dont know what happend because thats the first time i encouter this issue.
Details of the lights:
Light: Vendor: MLI
Product: ZBT-ColorTemperature

deconz: v2.13.4
Version: 2.13.04
Firmware: 26660700

I was able to get logs. Within this time, first two lights were going on and then all went on.
Name of the lights:


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I’m not sure if it is the problem here, but I’d recommend to update the firmware to latest stable version as it contains better routing “ZCL Default Response” handling. I have no experience with MLI lights but there are devices out there which may reboot (and turn lights on) if they miss out specific responses from the gateway.

In the logs I can’t spot the usual errors like interference etc., so I think next step should be try with current stable firmware to see if it solves the problem.

Firmware update instruction can be found at Update deCONZ manually · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub

Please create a backup first via Phoscon App > Menu > Gateway settings.

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Thanks for looking into this.
I’m running deconz in my home assistant instance.
Do I have to wait until the next update is pushed or should I update using ssh?