Feature request: Better distinction between firmware and deCONZ version


since we basically have 3 components in the ecosystem (Phoscon, deCONZ, firmware), it would be beneficially, especially for unexperienced users to make the below information more distinguishable


I’d propose to just change “Version” to “deCONZ version” or anything alike, as people often confuse it (deCONZ vs. Phoscon). Also, for the message stating the version is up to date, it is uncertain if that goes for deCONZ, the firmware or Phoscon. Presumably, the same is applicable if there’s any update available.

Small changes, large impact :wink:


I agree! Perhaps adding an version for phoscon would help.


To add to this: A better message to the end user when firmware is " not connected" Should be real simple to implement with just a IF / Else having that field say “Not connected”. If yes > Place warning.

We have already noticed this problem in the team. We will come up with something.


Hi, any news?

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Seeing an increase of people confused. @de_employees / @manup please fix.


Since a few versions of the Phoscon App there is no longer a message “The version is up to date”. So updates have to be done manually.

We also try to explain the 3 version numbers in these FAQ entries:

Phoscon App version - “… is given by the date”

deCONZ version - “has the following format 2.05.xx”

firmware version - “is in the format 26xx0700.”

I think a visual distinction between gateway version and app version is a good idea if it helps to unconfuse users.

Agreed, I still am a bit confused about the versioning showed on that screen prior to deCONZ 2.23.01. I opened an issue (mistakenly) here: Wrong version date shown in Phoscon · Issue #7239 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

In my case:
“Version 2.22.02 / 9/19/2022”
seemed to point to a Phoscon app version from that date, but I couldnt find a match in changelog.en