Devices becoming unreachable, why?

This is kind of related to Getting back unreachable devices

My problem:
Devices (hue and ikea bulbs) are becoming unreachable from phoscon app (and homeassistant).

My setup:
Home Assistan on top of ConBee2 on raspberrypi 3b+.

  • Lab3D switches (maintains Danish look’n’feel).
  • I have not yet used an usb-extension-cable (never needed it). I will fetch it at HW-shop asap.
  • Running on latest fw and sw: 26780700 and 2.21.02
  • Running latest Home Assistant for a couple of days.

Home Assistant 2023.4.2
Supervisor 2023.04.0
Operating System 9.5
Frontend 20230406.1 - latest

My history:
This setup has worked like a charm for months.
Since yesterday the system went haywire.

I would greatly appreciate any help (would hate to pair all devices again - waiting for this to happen again).


usb extension cable is very important.
Also check what zigbee channel you are using and check with a Wifi analyzer app who is around you. . Especially routers with smart channel swap are causing most problems as they fight against each other…
Had to organize with my close neighbors to set fixed their 2.4 GHz channel in their routers… and had to move to zigbee channel 25

Can you provide the deCONZ version and the conbee firmware? Both can be found under gateway.

The extension cable is important because of usb 3.0 interference.

This causes noise on the 2.4ghz band.

Running on latest fw and sw: 26780700 (=conbee fw) and 2.21.02 (= deconz version :question:)

Screenshot 2023-04-11 at 19.41.52

I think deconz version is updated by Home Assistant, I don’t recall doing anything.

:pray: @Mimiix

Thanks for a rapid response @andys73

Zigby is ch 15.


I am no expert.
But to me it seems ch 15 is free (but ch 25 would be better I guess)

BTW: 5GHz starts at ch. 38

gosh, so much wifi :slight_smile:
my suggestion is to try to change to 25. The power devices will update automatically but you will have to repair the battery devices.
zigbee and wifi channels are not numbered the same

5GHz does not impact zigbee only 2.4Ghz

Thanks again, for link, advice and your time

Versions look good!

Can you share some logs?

Here you can find out how and with what log levels.

Thanx @Mimiix

Have to fix light now, this is bordering divorce :cold_face:

Did a HA rollback, so system is running 50% now.
I will do the rest the cumbersome manuel (but safe) way.

Then I will learn how to do a full backup - I apparently need to do the backup both in phoscon and HA :thinking: :question:

Backup in Phoscon should be enough, under gateway you can find that.

:white_check_mark: :pray: