Constantly losing connection to Ikea Switches and Ledvance Smat+ Plugs


  • Conbee-USB-Stick connected to Raspi-Pi
    ** Version: 2.11.05 / 9.5.2021
    ** Firmware: 26660700
  • Raspi-Pi running FHEM
  • 4x Wall Plugs: LEDVANCE Smart+ Plug (don’t know which Firmware)
  • 5x Ikea TRADFRI on/off switch (the rectangular ones)
  • Several Philips Hue devices & Hue Bridge in house


  • Deconz was set up roughly 6 months ago. The plugs and switches were paired successfully on initial setup. For that the devices were held close to the USB-stick to get best connection.
  • After set up the devices were connected and worked
  • Afterwards sporadically devices lose connection
  • Unplugging and re-plugging the power outlets did not lead to them being found by Deconz again.
  • Occasionally devices are found again and work
  • If a device reconnects it might lose connection a few hours/days/weeks later again
  • Some devices that lose connection are 4-5m away from the ConBee II stick. No big obstacles in the way (couch or wooden guard rail of a stair case or so).
  • Other devices that are a floor beneath ans many more meters away of the ConBee II, it rarely loses connection :man_shrugging:
  • Setting up additional TRADFRI switches between ConBee II and devices regularly losing connection to enlarge the network, by additional hops, did not help.

Expected behavior

  • Ideally not lose connection at all
  • If a device loses connection the it should reconnect quickly


  • Host system: Raspberry Pi
  • Running method: deCONZ Add-on
  • Firmware version: 26660700
  • deCONZ version: 2.11.05 / 9.5.2021
  • Device: ConBee II
  • Do you use an USB extension cable: no
  • Is there any other USB or serial devices connected to the host system? yes: 1x JeeLink, 1xCul433
  • Tested the beta: no difference

deCONZ Logs

I didn’t have a look at logging yet. Will it give additional information here?

Additional context

I love the idea behind ConBee / Deconz! However it’s super flaky and not really useful for reliable daily usage at home :frowning:


can you please share some logs?

I’m not using the deCONZ application on my PC. I use Phoscon. So I guess I opened the issue in the wrong part of the Form? :frowning:
Could you please be so kind and move it to the correct spot?

Deconz is the part that does all connections and provides them with the API.

Phoscon is reading from deconz.

If devices drop out, deconz controls that so the area is correct.

Now I’m confused:

  • Phoscon connects to the USB-Stick on/in my Raspi
  • I have deCONZ installed on my PC but the PC is not running al the time
  • When the PC is on, deCONZ is not running automatically
  • When I start deCONZ I can only connect to the USB-stick if I remove it from the Raspi and plug it into the PC. Obviously rebooting the USB-Stick and resetting the device-connections.


Nope. Phoscon connects to Deconz with the RestAPI. Deconz must be running on the PI as well.

If deconz is not running, nothing works at all.

So you do have deCONZ running on the pi.

Oh, ok. Now I get it. Thanks! :slight_smile: On the Raspi I have deconz installed (sudo sh -c “echo ‘deb $(lsb_release -cs) main’ > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/deconz.list”)
updated the config in nano /lib/systemd/system/deconz.service to use the correct port etc and defined it as a service.

Please don’t ask me for too many details, it’s half a year ago :smiley: The reverse search helped me refreshing my memory :wink:

As I don’t have any GUI for my Raspi, the question is how to create/access the logs via command line?

Or use option 2 in the post i made :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to some logs. I had them running for 2-3 minutes. Hope that helps?

Cheers =)

The logs indicate:

  1. 12:52:05:289 Serial com disconnected, reason: 1

Meaning it just got unplugged normally.

What PSU are you using with the PI?

Also, you are running the Addon but say you use FHEM?

I am not sure how that works?

I suggest updating deconz to at-least latest stable and latest firmwares :slight_smile:

PSU: 2 Amps via Powerbank as UPS :smiley:
Yes, I’m using FHEM which is running on the Raspi as my smart home system. In FHEM I basically connect to the IP and Port.
How do I update deconz? Simply apt get update?
According to phoscon the firmware is up to date.

I am not sure if that’s enough. @TheNon can you answer this?


Manually is better :slight_smile:

Update from me:

  • Powersupply is actually 3 Amps as I’m using this here:
  • Updated deconz manually (where can I check the version number?)
  • Updated the firmware (where can I check the version number?)
  • Added a USB-extension cable to connect the ConBee II
  • 3 of 4 plugs are currently found. 4th one is still MIA :frowning:
  • 3 of 5 switches are currently found :-/

Phoscon App says this
Version: 2.12.06 / 19.8.2021
Firmware: 26720700

All in all: no real improvement. What to test next?

Can you re-add the plugs and switches and log during inclusion?

Just to be clear: remove them from Phoscon and add/pair them again?

Or do you mean: unplug the plugs for 30 seconds, plug them in and switch them on?

Yes, remove them and also reset the device itself.

Done… was some work but I’ve reset the Gateway and re-learned all components.
Log was too large for pastbin etc, so I uploaded it to my git-account:

Hope this helps?

After positioning all switches and plugs to the original location (had them right next to the ConBee II for pairing), it seems like connects were lost once again :roll_eyes:

@DerRheingold Which rpi model are you using?

Perhaps to far away?

Some sensors (xiaomi) don’t switch parents.

Back to the PSU topic, for rpi4 3A is needed and it seems like there is no problem with it, however it is unclear to me, what is the maximum output per ports of the powerbank (the total of the 4 ports can be 4.8A but the per port info I couldn’t find)

Anyway: the official PSU delivers 5.1V both for rpi4 and 3, the difference is the needed current. As there is a minor voltage loss on the components, but starting from a lower level, there is no buffer and in case the powerbank cannot deliver stable voltage level, this may lead to issues (under-voltage).

If the rpi hasn’t been restarted yet the following command could highlight potential power issues
vcgencmd get_throttled