Constantly losing connection to Ikea Switches and Ledvance Smat+ Plugs

Hi, thanks for the many responds and trying to help me :slight_smile:

  • Rspi-Model: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2

  • Distance: one Ikea switch laying on a wooden shelve, has the connection and is 4-5 meters away from the ConBee II. One meter further (just next to the shelve) is a plug that is shown as disconnected in Phoscon. So no clue what that matter is… does it make sense to try to re-learn the devices in their current location with all other devices present? So that they know the hops they have to take to the ConBee II?

  • Power Supply: the Powerbank delivers 3 Amps per USB-Port and the Pi is the only thing connected to it. I haven’t measured the output-voltage yet. Might be an idea :thinking: However I have the feeling that power supply is not an issue.


A reviewer wrote this (translated from German)
> …Although not promised in the order text, this Powerbank supports 20000mAh pass-through (= simultaneous charging and discharging) on a micro USB charging port. This means that you can charge up to 2.4A and extract no more than 2.4A from the 4 USB-A ports in total…

The same reviewer
> The output voltage is within the defined range of 4.45—5.25 V.

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In my understanding, the powerbank in pass through cannot deliver more than what the charging circuit can handle, which seems like 2.4A. This very close to what Pi3B demands in overall.
(When using it as powerbank it may deliver more for sure, cause then it is not dependent on the input conditions)

Anyway it would be great to see the result of the command

Sorry, didn’t see that with the command. Here’s the result:

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ vcgencmd get_throttled

Small update after 24 hours:
It’s all back to how it was. Some plugs are not recognized by Phoscon anymore :frowning:


Does anyone have a good advice how to get the things communicating well? Are there any power plugs that work especially well with Deconz/Phoscon?

I think the Hue ones are good. Also the bulbs