Ubisys J1 - sensors not reachable after update to 2.13.04 / 18.12.2021 (26720700)

Describe the bug

I updated deCONZ to 2.13.04 / 18.12.2021 and my ConBee II to 26720700 yesterday. After that all /sensor/s (ZHAConsumption, ZHAPower, ZHASwitch) of my ubisys J1 are reachable: false. Only the /light/-Resource is still reachable (so its still possible to control the awning.

I never saw the sensors unreachable (over one year) but now they are - after the update. So this might be a problem with the new version?

Steps to reproduce the behavior

Expected behavior

The sensors should be reachable (again).



  • Host system: Raspberry Pi
  • Running method: Raspbian
  • Firmware version: 26720700
  • deCONZ version: (2.13.04)
  • Device: ConBee II
  • Do you use an USB extension cable: yes
  • Is there any other USB or serial devices connected to the host system? If so: no

Can you share some logs?

I have ~10.000 lines of debug log after ~3 minutes. What do you want to see?

I am not sure , until i know what i see.

Often a combination of lines. Perhaps post them on Pastebin?

Got your logs, Thanks.

What mode are you running for the DDF’s?

You can find that in deconz at Panels > Control

Then see the DDF Mode.

Basic - Gold

Last question, what version where you comming from?

Uhm, I go from stable to stable… so I guess it was v2.12.6 (Crossfade) (according to https://github.com/dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin/releases?page=1 the last non-pre-release)

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I’ll check with Swoop if anything changed in the codebase. If that’s the case, i’ll move this to bug reports and i’ll re-open the github issue you made earlier.

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I’ve asked both Swoop and Manup. Manup is checking it later on.

Hello i have the same problem. But it happend without a deconz update.
I had 2.13.01 running since October 20th and since December 18/19 my J1 are randomly loosing the connections.
Maybe an automatic firmware update?

@appleonkel Randomly losing connections is not the same as @jan666 his issue i think

Maybe it is not the same, but they are more disconnected than connected, which results in not reachable or only for a few seconds.
Anyway i checked my firmware and it is still 26390500.
Should i create a new topic?

Yes :slight_smile:

I’ve re-opened https://github.com/dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin/issues/5596 Let’s continue the issue there.