TRÅDFRI open/close button

I have a TRÅDFRI FYRTUR roller blind connected to deconz/phoscon. Also my TRÅDFRI open/close button. But i can’t connect my open/close button with my roller blind. If i try to create a scene the button isn’t shown as device to connect to the roller blind.

How can i use the open/close button?

There is no roller blind control in the Phoscon App at the moment. Our developers are working on that.

You should see the events of the TRÅDFRI open/close here: Phoscon App > Help > API Information > Events.

In combination with a Home Automation System you are able to do tingth with the blind by pressing the button.

Good to hear that. Do we have an estimate on release ?

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blind control in the Phoscon App
Are there any updates on that topic ?

@mahrens61 the open/close button creates a group. Just add the “light” (your FYRTUR) to this group and everyhing works out of the box. No need to create automations or scenes.

Since deCONZ 2.23.0 you have blinds (and plugs) additional to lights, switches and sensors in the menu. You can control blinds manually at this section.

Yes, I saw that, the blind is also visible in the Homebridge. However, it is still not possible to connect the Tadfri push-button to the blind in order to operate the blind with it.

The blind cannot be assigned to a scene either.

Have you tried this: Trådfri open/close switch with FW 2.3.079 fails to pair with blind - #5 by OMR ?

below 2.3.075: suppports binding to groups only […]

2.3.075 and greater: supports binding to devices only

So I guess you have a firmware 2.3.075 or higher? There is noting deCONZ can do about that. You need to make IEE binding via deCONZ from your remote to your fyrtur