TRADFRI blind´s not visible in web-app

Hi there,

after repairing my TRADFRI blinds i cant see and control them via the web-app.
They are visible in the deCONZ GUI though.
Somehow the web-app and the GUI don´t sync
Any help or direction would be very much appreciated !

Which is correct. Phoscon needs to add support to devices themselves. A feature request to show all devices even if unsupported is open for a year now: Feature request: Show all devices in Phoscon even if unsupported

My tradfri blind is showing tho. Did you restart deCONZ already?

Also: It seems the blind is not connected as its grey.

Same here for me. In my case it’s a KADRILJ roller blind but same technically device.
Search for devices in phoscon did not work.

Is that a conbee 2 firmware problem to fix this with getting backwards with firmware version?
Or is that a bug in actual phoscon software?

Thanks for fixing that bug, cannot connect the blinds to iobroker.

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Hi! I’m having this issue too. Because of some other difficulties I updated from 2.16.1 zu 2.17.1 and now I cannot even see these devices in FHEM. Any advice?
I’m really a newbie in deconz.

are there any solutions for Ikea blinds in DeConz Conbee II at phoscon?


@Komaandy and @Rockthisparty see Ikea Fyrtur Blinds - #30 by Smanar for possible solution.

I need an instruction to install it at headless mode, but this could be a solution.