Feature request: Show all devices in Phoscon even if unsupported

Hi there,

Currently users need to get Devices supported in Phoscon. This confuses users as sometimes the API supports it but Phoscon does not (yet). This results in user questions as they don’t understand where the device is. Also, Phoscon doesn’t seem to keep a list of “supported” devices.

It would be useful to show all devices regardless of its supported or not, just to make it user friendly. I could imagine having these devices shown as unsupported and perhaps provide a link to get support added and explain what is going on.

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Hi All,

I would warmly welcome this feature as in one hand the way it works currently, it is indeed very confusing in the other hand not really user friendly.

I have added my Thermostatic Radiator Valves few months ago. They appeared with some dummy icon in Phoscon app as sensors with some basic information (renaming worked), while they were fully functioning in deconz and could manage via rest api.
Then lately I have discovered that they disappeared from Phoscon completely (while still fully functional in deconz).

I am fully supporting the above initiative as per to keep and show unsupported devices properly in Phoscon with appropriate information for the user about what to do
For instance if clearly identifiable the kind of the device, then in the appropriate view, in all other cases in a separate one, reserved for this purpose.
In addition (or instead) an overall view shall be made available to list all unsupported devices.

This could greatly improve user experience and provide confidence about quality and ongoing continuous support of the solution

thanks for reading



Yes, same, even just a “unsupported device” text but the device displayed will be so usefull.
Can be usefull too to rename device for exemple, some third app miss this feature, and not possible on invisibles devices on phoscon.

For so much users, Phoscon is the deconz management application.


I’d also support that request, as it would probably cease quite some issues/questions. Technically, I’d imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult to loop through all non-deleted light and sensor resources.

From personal experience, I recognize more issues on GH that devices do not show up than devices are not usable. Maybe it’s worth a consideration to, when choosing to generically show everything, display an info text in the window that showing it does not necessarily mean it can be fully used in Phoscon and where to request support?

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@Scriptbee , @manup @ChrisHae @Gautama 2 more topics raised by users having this issue:

I´ll take care of it and let you know what´s up then.
Thx for the input btw!

+1 a list of devices makes it more easy to shop for devices

And if a device is not supported maybe add a link that says add support.
That link could then automatically send all info that can be collected and is needed for adding support. Makes sense since the device is at hand and can be “examined” electronically. And with a simple link even the least tech knowledge user can request devices

Any update on this enhancement request?

The request has come to our long term feature list. We currently have a lot of things we are working on and clearly have to cut back on priority here. We have it in mind, I can assure you.

Hmmm … What does that mean for common people ? Months, years, … worse ? This request ultimately results in the same as another already requested: any new features planned for phoscon ?

The last biggest change to Phoscon was when the api help screen came out.

That was 2 years ago?

After that, nothing significant has changed. So please dont get your hopes up.

@ChrisHae @manup You guys might also be able to say a thing or two here.

2.5 years have passed and I would still really appreciate this feature. Can you please check if it would be possible to start adding it now? It would be so great!

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Sorry if that has been asked already.
But since there clearly isn’t any meaningful developement in Phoscon, why not make it open source so it can be forked?

I’ve been told this should happen, but not sure when.

Lets give an update to this.
In the PC app since last month and in the android app I think it was already a little bit earlier:
we changed the way how sensors and other devices are integrated into the phoscon app.
They are not needed to be integrated manually any longer. If they are compatible with deCONZ then they also appear in the Phoscon app automatically with a generic icon according to their type.

Even the switch editor works with those generic switch integrations. And some widely used switches or sensors are probably still integrated manually with a specific icon.

There where also device pages for special types of zigbee devices added to the app. That was for smart plugs and roller blinds. And in the next Phoscon App release this month there will also be a page for smart thermostats.

then every one of this devices will appear and also be controllable in the phoscon app without the need of implement it manually. The only requirement is that it is fully controllable in deCONZ and fully integrated in the RestAPI. So it is needed that a working DDF for deCONZ exists. So a device request will still be needed in the deCONZ device request section at github.

A Changlog or Roadmap for the Phoscon App can be found here: changelog.de
I’m planing to keep it more updated and expand it a little bit more in the future.