The new, native Phoscon APP Beta for Android!

Hey folks!
Finally the time has come and our native Phoscon App (Beta) goes live for Android!
You can find the app in the Playstore here:

Feel free to share your feedback with us here or on our other platforms.
The hard facts:

  • native application for mobile devices (Android)
  • your installation can be controlled via web app (as usual) and via native app
  • it’s a beta, so there will be a lot of changes, bugfixes and new stuff in the future.
  • plugs and blinds are now displayed in separate sections and can be managed and controlled through them.
  • gateway search has been simplified and optimized
  • the scene and switch editor is currently not editable, but this will be added in the next updates
  • an iOS version is already in work, we will keep you up to date here
  • at least Android 7 is required

We are looking forward to your feedback and wish you a lot of fun with the Phoscon App Beta!

Your Phoscon Team

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looks nice. Few remarks so far:

  • Some parts are still in german (even though main settings is English).
  • Blinds give me the option (nicely) to open or close them. Any other devices unfortunatly don’t give me the option to control them directly (turning lights/sockets on).
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Some translations are not good for french langage :

  • In the pop up “option de sauvegarde” : “Sauvegarde de la charge” => “Charger une sauvegarde”
  • On the advanced settings : the buttom “SUR” => “ON”
  • In the menu : “Bouchon” => “Prises” ; “Stores” => “Volets”


Would be preferable to substitute English word “ON” by French “Activer” or “Allumer” and “OFF” by “Désactiver” (shortened by “Désact.”) or “Éteindre”)

Not quite sure about that one, “store” is already a French word for “blind”. “Volet” is the french word for “shutter”

Tried the App yesterday.
One thing. Blinds did not show the new Tredansen from Ikea, only Fyrturs.

Request URL:
Request Method: GET
Response Time: 0.026 seconds
Response Status: 200 - OK
Response Body
Response Body (RAW)
Response Headers
Request Details
  "capabilities": {
    "alerts": [
  "config": {
    "groups": [
  "etag": "20bf3df665de1b47ed24c99bf526137b",
  "hascolor": false,
  "lastannounced": null,
  "lastseen": "2023-07-07T12:23Z",
  "manufacturername": "IKEA of Sweden",
  "modelid": "TREDANSEN block-out cellul blind",
  "name": "Window covering device 58",
  "state": {
    "alert": "none",
    "bri": 0,
    "lift": 0,
    "on": true,
    "open": true,
    "reachable": true
  "swversion": "2.3.079",
  "type": "Window covering device",
  "uniqueid": "50:32:5f:ff:fe:47:a1:f8-01"

Hello, where is the announced version 1.7?

Hi, I installed the 1.7 a few minutes ago. If you use it in landscape mode you have all 5 options in the group editor. If you rotate a tablet to portrait mode the sensor control option disappears.
This also means that on my mobile I cannot edit the sensor control at all, since it is portrait mode only.
Best regards and keep up the good work!