French return for the phoscon android app


Some translations are not good for french langage :

  • In the pop up “option de sauvegarde” : “Sauvegarde de la charge” => “Charger une sauvegarde”
  • On the advanced settings : the buttom “SUR” => “ON”
  • In the menu : “Bouchon” => “Prises” ; “Stores” => “Volets”


Hi @Idaho947
please use the official Thread for further Bug Reports or Feature requests:

Thanks for your feedback anyway!

Thanks for your feedback.

Do you think in french language we should use “ON” and “OFF” on buttons for activating and deactivating something?


It’s that or “activer” \ “désactiver”

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It may be tolerated in France but far less in Quebec. We surely prefer
“activer” \ “désactiver”

Can we please do this discussion in 1 topic. @Gautama is up to decide which one.

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Please continue as described above in the main topic for the app.

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