The mystery of devices turning on (or off) by themselves

I use deCONZ as home assistant add-on with the deCONZ integration. I have around 190 devices connected, and a quite stable network with many mains powered devices of all kind of vendors.

For some time now, I try to understand and hunt down why sometimes, lights, or more rarely, plugs, are switching on or off without an apparent reason. These incidents do happen sporadically, but do not follow any obvious pattern (at least I cannot recognize it).

Just now, the terrace light went on:

Nobody with exception of myself is at home. This device is not included in any automation. deCONZ logs indicate that just before the light was reported as “on” in HA (7 seconds before), the device sent a “DeviceAnnce” message (see below).

09:24:28:053 skip configure report for cluster: 0x0006 attr: 0x0000 of node 0x7CB03EAA0A018143 (seems to be active)
09:24:28:053 binding for cluster 0x0006 of 0x7CB03EAA0A018143 exists (verified by reporting)
09:23:38:198 ZCL attribute report 0x7CB03EAA0A018143 for cluster: 0x0300, ep: 0x03, frame control: 0x18, mfcode: 0x0000 
09:23:38:062 ZCL attribute report 0x7CB03EAA0A018143 for cluster: 0x0008, ep: 0x03, frame control: 0x18, mfcode: 0x0000
09:23:38:026 ZCL attribute report 0x7CB03EAA0A018143 for cluster: 0x0006, ep: 0x03, frame control: 0x18, mfcode: 0x0000
09:23:31:800 delay sending request 205 dt 0 ms to 0x7CB03EAA0A018143, ep: 0x03 cluster: 0x0004 onAir: 1
09:23:31:084 DeviceAnnce of LightNode: 0x7cb03eaa0a018143 Permit Join: 0
09:21:19:707 0x7CB03EAA0A018143 error APSDE-DATA.confirm: 0xE9 on task

What could be the reason for this behaviour?

Looks like the device is rebooting itself (similar what you do when you remove power from it). the Device Announcement is exactly what your seeing there.

Perhaps it’s reaching it’s due date?

To avoid you might be able to change the PowerON behavior to “off” , so that they are off as default on power loss/reboot.

I had this problem.
Check if you have the latest firmware installed.

I have a large system (nearly 400 devices) and an otherwise identical setup and identical occasional problem. I’m a few software versions behind on deCONZ and maybe a firmware update behind, but not seeing any specific bugfixes mentioning this issue, I haven’t rushed to update.

FWIW, my issues seem isolated to Hue bulbs and with no ability to update firmware on them w/o removing from this network and pairing with the Hue hub, I’m not really sure what to do.

When I have time, I will see if this behavior is isolated to a few bulbs in my system, in which case maybe it’s time for a swap. But they’re all brand new (<12 months old).

Anyway - no help from me, but a “me too” in a big way on the problem!

I’ve had that problem too, occasionally. One possible reason I could determine were certain older OSRAM/LEDVANCE devices. These seem to behave erratic when they get older, first switching on irregularly and possibly even interfering with the Zigbee network, until they finally fail completely. In the meantime I have exchanged most of these devices and haven’t noticed the problem recently. As these devices are probably based on Zigbee chipsets for certain vendors the problem may occur with other devices using these chipsets too.

Thanks all, some good insights for sure! Indeed, the device which caused the “incident” is an OSRAM outdoor lantern. I have the latest deconz and also device firmware installed where possible.

I have quite many Osram and LEDVANCE lights, and a few Hue and Innr. I think that the self-switch on did happen always with Osram/LEDVANCE devices, with the notable exception of a Blitzwolf SHP-15 smart plug which switched off.

I will watch this further and report if there are any new insights.

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It’s not all Osram/Ledvance devices that are affected. I have LED strips, an outdoor light chain, and Ledvance light panels still in operation and not noticed any of these problems (although an Osram LED strip controller died recently and couldn’t be controlled anymore). The main problems I had with GU10 spots and E27 bulbs. Since I have replaced them all with other products I no longer notice “phantom switching”. And I’m using lights from several vendors (Philips, Innr, Lidl).

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My loooong story regarding this issue
Device turn on alone · Issue #5626 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin (