Sonoff ZBMINIL2 reliability

I’m not sure if this is due to deCONZ (2.24.1 beta) or the Sonoff ZBMINIL2 hardware but I have 24 ZBMINIL2’s hooked up to all the light switches in my house and at any given time there are at least 3-5 lights not responding to Phoscon commands and won’t toggle on/off.

Sometimes if a toggle the switch manually the status is updated in deCONZ/ Phoscon and therefore I know it’s connected but I am unable to toggle the same light using Phoscon or the REST API.

Are there any steps I can take to troubleshoot the issue?

Can you share some logs ?

Here you go 10:40:07:103 asdu: 180f01000000100010:40:07:103 APS-DATA.indication from chil -

Looks like you have interference issues:

  1. 10:40:12:966 0x0017880104651E1E error APSDE-DATA.confirm: 0xE1 on task
  2. 10:40:22:587 Poll APS confirm 221 status: 0xE1

Are you using an extension cable?

Yes, I’m using a USB 2 extention cable

Other than that, check Wifi channels, other USB ports around and general USB3 signal noise.

Thanks for the help

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I’ve done some troubleshooting and moved the computer running deCONZ to a new location and ensured my Conbee II at the end of a USB 2 extension cable isn’t near any other electronics but I’m having the same issue. All my devices work at first and then within a couple hours my system loses connection with some of my Sonoff ZBMINIL2. I don’t think it’s a signal / interference issue as some of the ZBMINIL2’s that are not responding are in the same room as hue light bulbs that are repeating the signal. I have about 20 zigbee light bulbs, 6 outlets/ plugs and 4 Hue dimmers that are all working perfectly. The problem seems to be isolated to the Sonoff ZBMINIL2 hardware.

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Maybe the power of your led is bellow 3W. The module have some limitation: