Sonoff device not working

I tryed to connect a SONOFF SNZB-02D but it don’t shows up.

Does it show in deconz?

It’s as if he can’t find it at all

Can you share some logs while pairing?

Where i see that?
And The Firmware Version is 2.19.01 / 19.9.2022

Here you can find it :slight_smile:

Also, looks like you should update:

Support was added in 2.21.0

I don’t think that will help, as it won’t find the device at all. It doesn’t give a hint or anything. Could it be due to the outdated firmware?

ah ok

Did you know how to update the docker container?

I have no idea. I dont run docker :sweat_smile:

Ok i Updated the Docker Container now it works thanks.

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