SNZB01 - ConBee-II - Home Assistant disconnnecting

Since about a week, may be more, may be less, all my SNZB01 devices (Sonoff Zigbee pushbuttons) keep disconnecting. I can re-pair them by putting deconz in pairing mode again (“Add device”) and pressing the hardware button on the SNZB01’s for 5 sec. Then, it works again fine for a couple of hours, but then again, they disappear. No problems with any other Zigbee devices, so I expect the firmware of the devices was updated somehow, or the ‘blueprint’ or whatever it is called in deconz has changed and they keep being removed from the network.
Did anything change in deconz of the conbee stick, though automatic updates, that could explain this behavior?

Can you share some logs?

I’d love to, but what logs can I share of a device that is not connected? I’d welcome some help on how I can approach this issue. Until it doesn’t work, everything is fine. Is there a way to get some data from the device that is not connected?
I see there is just an update available for deCONZ, in my Home Assistant. Maybe I should try that first, see if this issue is solved maybe. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But nothing is said about when it is.

Try the update first indeed

Id like to see logs from just traffic. If there’s interference it will show (0xe1).

Also, perhaps theres weak connections?

So first Sonoff device are far away from perfection, bad routers, and have lot of problems natively.
Secondly Z2m have found recently a way to improve them with changing report setting Interview fails for Sonoff SNZB-03 motion sensor · Issue #13600 · Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt · GitHub

Problem if you want to try that, your device haven’t DDF to change it, so you need first to create a DDF for it with the GUI.

All was working previously ?

Previously, it was working fine, for about 2 years. Suddenly, most of my switches started to have trouble.
However, it seems that since the update, they work all fine again. It may be a coincidence (neighbors using a new 2.4 Ghz device), but the software update seems to correlate with the problem disappearing. No clue why it than appeared in the first place.
Another Sonoff TH01 (temperature and humidity sensor) is now giving trouble. Its battery drains very quick, since about 2-3 weeks ago. New battery placed, and it dropped from 100% to 20% in 2 days. When I put it closer to the Zigbee Hub, it keeps working. Looks like it does not connect to its nearest neighbors, but uses a high transmission signal strength to talk to the hub directly. Other sensors still seem to work fine, draining at a 1-battery-per-year rate.

Have you tried to re-include the sensor with battery drain ?

If you have the GUI, can you take a look if you can’t see a spammed request to this device on logs ? (with “info” and “info_l2”) ?

I am continuously monitoring battery drain. I noticed that the battery status value is updated regularly, so the devices seem to be correctly connected, but the button presses are not triggering the connected automatons, or the triggers are no longer registered.
Today I noticed something strange that I need to try to reproduce: Some automations triggered by button presses were no longer working. Then I created new ones, with (checked afterwards) exactly the same yaml code, and those did work correctly. To ‘old’ ones didn’t. Like there is something wrong in HA in binding the system to the button, not just based on the id in the yaml code. But I need to reproduce this to confirm, and be sure I’m not chasing a ghost.

I’ve been noticing the same in home assistant , not with this device.

For me, disabling and re enabling a automation does the trick.

I already have these settings in DDF for my SNZB-02 and since … I don’t really remember but I think since I upgrade to 2.19.3-beta … they lost connexions after a few hours. Re-pairing without deleting do the trick … for a few hours and then no more reports again … During the time they report the “contact” seems fine because lines are green in GUI.

So you mean there isn’t problem on older version ? You haven’t tried the 2.20 ?

I think that troubles begin with use of DDF for that devices, DDF was not present in the previous version I had before upgrading to 2.19.3, but not sure that it has a direct link with version or DDF.

I upgraded to 2.20.1 this week-end but didn’t change anything. Force rejoining, strong LQI (green line between sensor and router (a Sinopé thermostat that is also used by a Xiaomi Luminance sensor without trouble) for about 3 hours and then no more reports. It’s the same pattern with my two others SNZB-02 whatever router is used.

I changed DDF to Bronze, repair my SNZB-02 devices without deleting them before, and after several hours they are still reporting.

So the problem is when using it with DDF core ?

In my configuration yes it’s obvious.