SmaBit AV2010/21C Door Sensor does not connect to DeConz

I fail to connect the above device, which is listed as “supported” in the Phoscon/deconz release notes into my network running on Rapsi 4b / RaspBee II.

Pressing the connect button on the sensor results into a double-blink after a while, which should confirm connection, but Phoscon does not confirm connection and is still searching for a new sensor to be connected - until it times out.

Anybody with any ideas how to connect this device?

Does it show in deconz?

No. Nothing.

Can you make logs while pairing?

Sorry for the dumb question: How do I do that?

I read the following in one of the Amazon reviews:

"Der Betrieb mit Raspbee II (alt. Conbee II) und der Phoscon Web App ist möglich - dazu muss man aktuell noch in der deCONZ GUI die Erlaubnis zur Verbindung mit “Silver” eingestufter Geräte aktivieren. In der aktuellen (09/2022) deCONZ Version, werden die Kontakte damit unterstützt.

Danach werden die Kontakte einwandfrei beim Anlernen in der Web Oberfläche erkannt und stehen zur weiteren Verwendung zur Verfügung."

Operation with Raspbee II (old. Conbee II) and the Phoscon Web App is possible - currently you have to activate the permission to connect to “Silver” classified devices in the deCONZ GUI. In the current (09/2022) deCONZ version, the contacts are supported with it.

After that, the contacts will be recognized correctly during the teach-in process in the web interface and will be available for further use."

But I have now Idea how to set “Silver” on the RaspBee II

If you don’t see it in deconz, this won’t help. First you need the device to show ik deconz. This should always work, regardless if it’s supported. That’s why we need logs.

For the logs , searching the forums would show How to get logs?

ok, logging done via VNC deconz-gui.

Where does the file get saved so I can attach it?

NB: deconz install is based on a phoscon deconz-gui standard Image.

I moved your post to the correct topic.

Anyway, in hte command it shows where its logged. Easiest is to just use option 1 from the logs.

Also, are you telling Phoscon to search for devices?

Sorry about post in wrong topic…

I didnt use the command I used the gui via VNC (Option 1 in your guide). I dont see anything there to point to the file it dumped this log.

yes, of course I asked the gateway to search for “New Sensor”). It was then in 3 minutes search mode. I have many devices/sensors connected since years.

First time I have connection issue with a Zigbee sensor… More concerning as it is specifically listed as supported.

You just need to copy from there and paste into Pastebin or to your pc :slight_smile:

Oh, didnt know that works via VNC. Hardly ever using it :upside_down_face:

I got the log in a text file. I attempted to connect the sensor at around 12:04 and again at around 12:05

Does the link help?

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You see a device called 0x761F or something similar in deCONZ on the gui?

Looking at this snippet of the log:

  1. 12:04:35:655 APS-DATA.request id: 16, addrmode: 0x03, addr: 0xec1bbdfffe073b7e, profile: 0x0000, cluster: 0x0002, ep: 0x00 → 0x00 queue: 1 len: 3 tx.options 0x00
  2. 12:04:35:656 asdu (length: 3): f91f76
  3. 12:04:35:744 APS-DATA.confirm id: 12, status: 0x00 SUCCESS

I can see a device ending with “fffe073b7e” in the gui.
Its name is “0x6720”

Could this be the sensor?

There is also a device ending with “2871bbd” called “0x0415” that I dont know what it is. Maybe from one fo previous connection attempts?

I cant see “0x761F”


That is the device , but not recognized. Thats why i asked.

Can you right click it, click Edit DDF and show a screenshot? In there, if you have the DDF, you should be able to change it to Silver.

Screenshot didnt work, had to take photo

It is actually set to Silver if I read this correctly…

Works aswell :slight_smile:

Yes, change the status to Gold and then click " file" and save. There should also be a button " hot reload" Afterwards reset the device and pair again.

SUCCESS !! Found the Hot reload button and instantly the Sensor was identified by its correct name

Many thanks!!

Ohh… maybe excitement too early. It still says “unknown” and doesnt react to the open/close magnet…

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I had to connect it again. Now it is fully recognized at changes open/closed state.

Thank you for your help with this one!

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Good to hear!

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