Shutter/blinds actor+switch wanted

Hello, dear community & experts!

Can somebody please recommend a combined actor+switch to control shutters/blinds? I do not need tilt, just open, close, stop (any position), and maybe a possibility to program them to open again a bit (for x seconds) after a complete close to have gaps.

The plan is to connect them to my working RaspBee II network.

I have seen several in-wall actors, but they lack the manual switch on top (as cover), which I then would have to buy and place on top extra.

I found e.g. this one as a rate exception (with both actor+switch), but I am not sure if Deconz supports it:

Thanks for your feedback! :smile:

Dear Moderators,

Is this maybe the wrong sub-forum for my question? Thanks for your advice!

Advice is fine :slight_smile:

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From the description, it’s compatible with HUE app so I don’t think it’s a tuya device, so the support can be native on deconz.

Without the zigbee modelID hard to find information about the device.

On the github I have found thoses one

But avoid tuya one, other model are working natively (in the worst state can need a reverse using the API) but if you had a tuya device not already supported, we will not be able to add it using DDF for the moment.

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Thank you, maybe I should order one and try it. However, from a customer’s comment on Amazon, I understood that a blind can only be completely opened or closed, nothing in between, which would not be ok for my use case. So I am a bit unsure. :blush:

BTW, as I am not an English native speaker, I would like to point out that by “blinds”, in my case I refer to German “Rolladen” (not “Jalousien”, which might be controlled differently). I saw “roller shutter” mentioned in English articles, which seem to be true correct term rather than “blinds” (of that matters at all).

And I found these links from the manufacturer (3A):

SmartThings Roller Blinds Device Handler

3A Nue Roller Blinds Hubitat Device Handler
3A Nue Chain Blinds Hubitat Device Handler
3A Nue Fan Light Switch Hubitat Device Handler

SmartThings Roller Blinds SmartAPP code
SmartThings Chain Blinds Device Handler code

Are these helpful for development?

Yes, If you read them you can see the device use the window cvering cluster, so it 's a good new (else the code have nothing to see with the device)
But can’t be sure for the model id as the code is for many device and nothing to see with 3A manufacture.

        fingerprint profileId: "0104", inClusters: "0000, 0003, 0004, 0102", outClusters: "0019", model: "E2B0-KR000Z0-HA", deviceJoinName: "SOMFY Blind Controller/eZEX" // SY-IoT201-BD
        fingerprint profileId: "0104", inClusters: "0000, 0202, 0003, 0004, 0005, 0008, 0102", outClusters: "000A, 0019", manufacturer: "Feibit Co.Ltd", model: "FB56+CUR17SB2.2", deviceJoinName: "Nue Smart Blind Switch"
        fingerprint profileId: "0104", inClusters: "0000, 0202, 0003, 0004, 0005, 0008, 0102", outClusters: "000A, 0019", manufacturer: "Feibit Co.Ltd", model: "FB56+CUR17SB1.9", deviceJoinName: "Nue Smart Blinds"

I understood that a blind can only be completely opened or closed, nothing in between

It’s normal, by defaut on the wall you just have 2 switches, that can be or off, to have a position you need another hardware, generaly it s included in the motor, not the remote.
Some remote use “artificial set level”, using a timer for exemple, but you will have issue with it, covering take more time to open than to close, so using a timer …

The motor is connected with 4 wires, neutral, line, up and down (and earth) nothing to get position. To have a correct set position, the hardware need to be in the motor.

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Currently, I control them with a switch from the manufacturer Jung. The switch has up, down, and if pushed in the middle (between up and down, or both together - I am not sure what happens inside), it does some kind of reset (I do not know the details about this either). Anyway, this switch is “intelligent” (or the combination of it with the in-wall part behind): It has some plug that is connected to a special (data bus?) socket of the in-wall part (which is separate from the switch itself).

When I push the upper part of the switch, the roller goes up, when I push the lower part, the roller goes down - both completely when holding the switch for approx. 3 sec - else the roller stops when the switch is released. Thus, I can leave it e.g. half-open without any timer (it has no display). When holding the upper part of the switch for at least 6 sec, the roller is denied closing e.g. from another switch or central switch (to avoid being left outside on the balcony for example).

The connected motor is from manufacturer Somfy (though not with IoT capabilities, as far as I know). And yes, there are 4 wires (up, down, -, and earth).

Now back to my initial plan to replace this switch by the example from manufacturer 3A:

Do you still think, it will only close or open completely? Thanks for your time and help, which is highly appreciated! :smiley:

Anyway, this switch is “intelligent” (or the combination of it with the in-wall part behind): It has some plug that is connected to a special (data bus?) socket of the in-wall part (which is separate from the switch itself).

Hu, this is not good, generaly it’s the motor that is intelligent, not the switch, we can use all switch we want for the same covering.

From what you are saying all the magic was in the switch, and the motor is standard (it go up is it have power on “up” or down if it have it on “down”, neutral is already powered )

So yes, you can loose features, for exemple the centralisation.

If the switch is separed from the wire/motor/relay, you can use automation to detect long press or short press and send different request to the actionner/motor.
But if the device make the switch and the action too, It will be not possible, I never see a wired covering switch with the “dissociate” feature.

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Oh my, that’s right - as I have a “programming cable”, too, which I can use to program different settings of the roller shutter motor, e.g. whether the start and stop points are fixed (if used with physical/fixed braces on top and stoppers at the bottom) or whether the motor should stop at a certain “Drehmoment” (torque) (if there are flexible braces/no stoppers). From this, I agree that lots of logic is in the motor itself, but the switches have some “woodoo”, too. :grin:

I wish that Jung, Gira, Legrand etc. had less pricy switch alternatives with ZigBee that could be used to upgrade the existing in-wall parts, but I have found none.

PS - photos attached:

Legrand have 2 wired covering switch version, one with the fake “set position level” and one another without.
They are supported by deconz, but the device work differently according to the firmware version, and if I m right there is an issue about an user that need something the reverse the working mode.

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Thanks, I will search for these Legrand switches and report back if I know more. As I will be away for a while, it might take a bit, though. :blush:

I’m currently using the Ubisys J1. Haven’t tested all the functionalities it offers, so it’s hard to say whether it’d fit your needs completely.


Did you have any success since you’ve posted this?

I’m in the exact same situation as you, wanting to add (preferable zigbee) smart home integration to existing “dumb” Jung 5232 switches. Was not able to find a solution so far…

Sorry for my very late reply. And no, I have not further pursued this topic - and still push those buttons by hand. :wink:

PS - I just found this, but it reads very complex, and I am not sure whether they managed to control the shutters/blinds also with the wall switch:ĂĽber-zigbee-adapter-steuern/41

At least I would like to keep a possibility to manually control them via wall switches, as neither me nor my home buddies always carry our mobile devices around. :wink:

PS2 - another one, this time actor with switch combined:

I bought a “ZigBee Rolladenschalter” by “UseeLink” (a Tuya clone?), i.e. a curtain switch labelled “SM-SW101-CZ-W2”. It has 3 buttons (open, pause/stop, close) and looks as shown there:

After successfully pairing it to my ZigBee (RaspBee II) network, I can open and close a roller shutter from the Phoscon GUI. However, it appears there as a light and thus with a brightness slider (0% to 100%), which does not have to seem any function. When I click on the light (bulb) icon (only seems to work in the scenes editor of Phoscon), the roller either opens completely or it shuts completely. I can stop its movement only by pressing the hardware (middle) pause/stop button. Does this mean that the middle button has no equivalent in ZigBee/deCONZ?

The whole behaviour in the Phoscon GUI is a bit awkward, and I wonder how other curtain switches or roller shutter switches are used in that GUI. Can you or maybe @Mimiix share some thoughts on this?

I am happy to share as much info as possible, if you could please provide me with some advice what you ware interested to see.

Thank you so much for your support!

Here’s a screenshot of the node (MAC address partially redacted):

Cluster Info follows in separate posts below, so one can easily quote/refer to them individually.

@Mimiix Dennis, if this is not right, please accept my apologies. I will of course include all screenshots in one post in the future if that is indeed preferred.

Basic Cluster:

After clicking [read]:

Identify Cluster:

Groups Cluster:

Scenes Cluster:

When I clicked on [read] for the attributes, the deCONZ GUI immediately closed and opened again, as if reset. Is this supposed to happen? Anyway, the attributes’ values remained the same.