[Release][Beta] 2.17.0 - Yama Yama

Changelog on [BETA] release with version 2.17.0

This beta release is the successor of v2.16.1 version.


  • DDF for Sunricher C4 (VIVARES_PBC4_01 / SR-ZG2833PAC-C4) #6105
  • DDF for Xiaomi presence sensor lumi.sensor_motion.aq2 (RTCGQ11LM) #6038
  • DDF for Nous A1Z plug #5994
  • DDF for Legrand 067755 Wireless Scenes Command #6096
  • DDF for Tuya temperature and humidity sensor (_TZE200_bjawzodf) #6094
  • DDF for ZBMINI-L relay #6095
  • DDF for IKEA TREDANSEN #6079
  • DDF for Tuya presence sensor (_TZ3000_msl6wxk9) #6098
  • DDF for Stelpro Maestro SMT402AD #6117
  • DDF for Ikea Starkvind #6118
  • DDF cosmetic, use default description of items #6108
  • Added Config UI X to deCONZ Homebridge script #6050
  • Optimize Ikea Tredansen DDF #6109
  • Optimizations for Aqara FP1 presence sensor #6087
  • Fix updating Hue motion sensors configuration #6091
  • Fix setting lastannounced and sensor reachable #6106
  • Fix correct environment variable TZ to prevent excessive stat syscalls #6084
  • Fix updating sensor/state/localtime via PUT request #6120
  • Add ubisys J1 button map #6092
  • Fix to always install a fresh copy of /devices and /pwa folders, removing old data.
  • Fix empty model and product fields in Phoscon App.
  • Support Homebridge Config UI X in Phoscon App gateway settings page.

A special thanks to all contributors of the deCONZ GitHub community.

-Dennis / @Mimiix#1337 / deCONZ

Hi, thanks for that update!

just installed the Beta, because of the Starkvind integration.
How do I add it to the Phoscon App? I tried adding as a light, now only the Air Quality Sensor appears under “Sensors” but I can’t control the fan.

thank you!

You can’t. Phoscon needs to add support on their own for that. You can only use it with the rest api as of now.

New release and more green connections! :slight_smile:

And there are lots of grey lines.
Source routes? But I have deleted all of them and disabled the function 2 releases ago.

The lines still are just a representation of the lqi. Is the lqi the same on both versions?

There was nothing changed on the LQI handling in v2.17.0-beta :thinking:

What about grey lines?
I see them for the first time.

Too many zeros for a minimum LQI display of 130

Anyway this “representation” began few releases ago. I wrote in another thread about this.

I found the post:



Not reliable because it’s impossible for some devices to have a green connection each other. They are too far. Before 2.16.x colours were more credible.

My question still is not answered: are the lqi values the same over the versions?

2.15.3 after 5 minutes

after 2 hours

2.15.3 has lower LQI (below 130).
This is with Minimum LQI Display at 0

I think now you have your answer.

@manup where there changes between 2.15 3 and 2.17.0 on lqi?

Only the ones mentioned in the changelogs. The last change was to relax the display a bit to not filter out too many links.

There is another difference between releases until 2.15.3 and the following ones.
Example - IKEA bulbs (I don’t know if it’s the same with other brands; I have only them connected to wall switches)
I switch ON a bulb. Then I switch it OFF (no more 230V in the bulb).
Until 2.15.3 deconz understands after some minutes (sometimes between 5 and 10) and puts the bulb as unaivalable.
From 2.16.0 deconz doesn’t “feel” anithing and continues to show the bulb as ON.

Any idea about green lines with 0 LQI ?

The 0 settings shows the most lines, also the very bad connections which are more red’ish (and less likely used for communication).