Raspbee II - not found in Phoscon Web App

Hi there,
I am a new User here (so only 2 links). I recently bought a Raspberry 4B and a Waveshare UPS-HAT as well as a Raspbee II.

After seemingly failing to install the drivers for the HATs properly on an openHABIAN-System, I decided to take a step back and flashed the Raspian Buster headless Image according to the official manual. Naturally I removed all HATs except the Raspbee II.

Although connecting via SSH is no problem at all I am still unable to connect to the Pi or rather the deconz-Service via the phoscon web-App.

I already searched for “Raspbee II”, “deconz app” and “phoscon app” and checked the following topics but could not find a solution for my problem. I checked the following topics:

  • Failing to flash Raspbee 2
  • Raspbee II and deconz - connection issue
  • Phoscon App does not detect Conbee ii
    The other found topics did not seem to match my problem.

It is my understanding, that I need to get access over the phoscon-App before starting to integrate the system/raspbeeII into openhabian or similiar systems.

After studying the other topics I also captured logs according to this manual(logs). However I am unsure what would be the proper command to disable logging since it is not written in the topic.


/usr/bin/deCONZ -platform minimal --dbg-aps=0 --dbg-info=0 --dbg-error=0

be the proper command?

You need to have only one of the two services running (headless or GUI):
sudo systemctl status deconz
sudo systemctl status deconz-gui
Instead of status, start/stop can be used to start or stop the corresponding service. With enable/disable instead of status the service will be activated for the next reboot.

Then you need to see the firmware in the Phoscon App.

Maybe at first you should do a basic functionality test with a separate SD card and our image with Desktop, do a firmware update and add minimum one device with this test setup.