Random Devices becoming unavailable

I use a Conbee2 Stick with USB extension on a raspberry pi 4 running HA on an SSD.
This setup worked flawlessly for quite a while but I’m having a weird problem for a few days now. I have one or two devices becoming unavailable. I can reconnect them by power cycling the device or pushing the connection button, when its a battery powered sensor.

The devices then work again as they should, but a few minutes later one or two other random device(s) become unavailable. This keeps going and I can’t figure out why?

Been searching online everywhere but haven’t found a solution yet.
Here is my Deconz View. The two lights on the far right are the ones that are currently unavailable.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Can you share some logs? In #deconz you can find out how.

Please use pastebin to share.

Thanks for your answer! Sure here are the last two hours of logs:

Did you put the correct log levels?

What do you mean?

now I got what you mean,
here are the last couple of minutes with INFO, INFO L2, ERROR, ERROR L2, APS and APS L2 enabled:

I don’t see any issues in the logs.

Did they become unavailable during this log?

No I didn’t change anything during this log.
Here is a new one, I reconnected some sensors during this log:

I´m glad to hear that I am not the only one with this problem.
I also have devices which becoming unavailable. The strange thing is, I am able to controll the lights by using my switches, connected with a push-button coupler (SR-ZG2833PAC-FOH). Reconnecting them by power cycling the device is also working

And like @nicoscholl already said…
The devices then work again as they should, but a few minutes later one or two other random device(s) become unavailable.
Deconz Addon: 2.20.1
Conbee2 Firmware: 26780700
Home Assistant 2023.3.4
Supervisor 2023.03.1
Operating System 9.5

Trying to get some logs…

Please open an own topic with requested logs.

I would prefer to have logs when it happens as that would show why.

Additionally, can you share a screenshot of your deCONZ gui when the devices are connected

I wasn’t able to time the logs with devices becoming unavailable. I outsourced 6 lights to my IKEA Dirigera hub. Now everything seems to work. Could it be that I hat to many devices linked to the Conbee 2? Right now I have 33 Lights, 8 Remotes and 19 Sensors connected to the Conbee

Nope, not that much.

Might be the connections are weak tho.

What firmware / deconz version are you running?

Deconz is 2.20.01 and Firmware is 26780700

The problem still exists running Deconz 2.20.2 by now.

I keep power cycling devices that disconnected.

A bit later 2-4 totally different devices disconnect and need to be reconnected.

What’s going on? :frowning:

The stick is connected with an usb extension cable already.

I also noticed that one specific tradfri bulb keeps turning off for a second and on again several times a day. I checked in deconz and saw it keeps installing an update, but the version stays the same. Right after the „update“ finished it turns off, than on again and the update restarts.

Maybe these two problems are connected?

Logs would help a lot.

Finally managed to get a log.
hope there is something helpful in there:


Logs still look clean. Can you confirm you use the following log levels:


Additionally, would it possible to share logs when the issue happens?

I can say, that the problem with zha does not exist. I switched from deconz to zha to test if I also have these problems. But since I switched, there was not a single device which became unavailable.

Good to hear :slight_smile: