Problem with QS-Zigbee-S04-2C-L

Hi all, I added three TRADFRI dimmable lights to one group called kitchen together with one not dimmable light over the sink controlled by this switch QS-Zigbee-S04-2C-L .
It is the same like this but without neutral:

I can individually turn on and off the sink light. But if I control all lights of the kitchen group together only the TRADFRI lights changes and not the sink light.

Also my motion sensor for this group and my switch for this group can’t control the sink light. What is wrong here?

If I change light bulb to ON all individual lights turn on in the Phoscon App. But in the real world the sink light only changes its status when I click directly on the light.

Here is the one I like to control:

In the graph visualisation I find only channel 2 but not the “LN Küche Waschbecken”.

Anyone a idea what the problem is?

No one has an idea how to solve this?

Perhaps @de_employees :slight_smile:

What is the sink light? Is it also a Tradfri or is it a plug?
Could be it can not handle group commands.

@ChrisHae: I tried two switch modules:

  1. Lonsonho 2 Gang Switch Module No Neutral (QS-Zigbee-S04-2C-L)
  2. Aqara Single Switch Module T1 With Neutral (SSM-U01)

Both have the same problem. Does this help?

I also added another bug report here with seems to be connected: