Phoscon Hive is here

Our newest family member

The Phoscon Hive — a bright companion

Looks nice! This would have a perfect usecase for picnics or out on the porch/balcony on a late night.

Looks nice, esp. the wireless charging. But Micro-USB? What a strange decision.


Looks nice. Any info about water resistance? Can you leave this on the table in the garden when it is raining?

The Hive has IP20.

Neat! When do you expect it to be available for shipping to Australia?

Its a nice thing. But IMHO it feels a little bit “cheap”.

And it looks like when the router it was added to is not reachable the hive does not jump to another. Could a software update improve this?

Hey how can you link it the deconz ? I try to scan it but I don t know how put it in paring mode.

Pairing to a Zigbee gateway

To connect Hive to a Zigbee gateway, the following steps are required

  1. Initiate light search at the gateway
  2. Put Hive in search mode
  3. Press briefly 3× the upper part of the lamp to change to color mode.
  4. Long press on upper part of the lamp until it starts blinking yellow.
  5. Turn upper part of the lamp clockwise about quater round until Hive blinks red.

While Hive is pulsing red its trying to join a gateway.

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Yes it’s work thank you !

Firmware updates are sure to come. For now, it should take a few seconds in the worst case until the router is automatically changed.

I cannot confirm. I guess(!) it was initially paired to my dining room which has no power if not needed (I know thats stupid…). After it was turned off I was unable to control the Hive. I had to reset it and pair it again to get it working again.

It’s (currently) impossible to see the current battery state, right?

For now you can see the current battery state in the Android App. You can use this beside the Zigbee part.

Can/will you make it availble via Zigbee?

Is it possible to expose the “button” part of the Hive as ZHASwitch?

This is basically conceivable via firmware update.

However, there is currently no concrete work in this direction.

Here is a short Video from us of how to integrate the Hive into the Mobile App as in the Web-App / deCONZ:

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Just noticed this:

  "config": {
    "on": true,
    "reachable": true
  "etag": "49deed9c703510e60db186288db2dc86",
  "lastannounced": null,
  "lastseen": "2022-12-05T10:55Z",
  "manufacturername": "Phoscon",
  "modelid": "Hive",
  "name": "Battery 70",
  "state": {
    "battery": 100,
    "lastupdated": "2022-12-05T10:52:43.664"
  "swversion": "0401.00200018",
  "type": "ZHABattery",
  "uniqueid": ""

new feature? :slight_smile:

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Do you mean the type zhabattery? It’s been around for some time

No. I think it’s new that there is a battery sensor exposed via zigbee for the Hive