Philips Hue Lightstripe don't work

Hello !
I have a problem with a Philips Hue Lightstripe.
I switched from the HUE Bridge to the Conbee. All lights except one work as expected. After connecting, I can control this one for a moment. After that, the light no longer responds. I can only turn it on and off via the group. Individually it does not respond to commands. Under lights it is then also displayed as offline.
I have already changed the channel and restarted the Phoscon app, but that did not help.

Maybe someone still has an idea ?!

Bildschirmfoto 2022-01-21 um 07.32.24 AM

Can you share some logs? Check How to get logs? for how to get them.

Hi Mimiix,

here the logs:
Log debug.txt

I see the following:
08:27:48:400 APS-DATA.confirm id: 38, status: 0xA7 NO_ACK

0x00178801011CE1AB Which seems to be this device.

Either way, which light strip is this? The gradient one or the normal one?

The name of the light is Color Light 7 (00:17:88:01:00:ca:20:32-0b ?).

It is a normal Lightstripe without gradient of the first HUE generation.
I have two other Lightstripe (Hue LightStrip Plus) in use which show no abnormalities.

I have no clue in this case. I’ll check with the devs :slight_smile:

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Any news on this? I’ve got the same problem with a Hue Lightstrip LST001.

I got mine working like this:

Removed it, paired it with the HUE bridge, deleted it from the hue bridge. It did not work and i did a light link reset with a hue dimmer.

Then it working again on Deconz

I also seem to be affected by a general HUE issue I have with all my hue lights. It seems Philips / Signify changed some end points and protocol in the bulbs together with the Vendor id.

Looks like some good progress is going on on git hub: