Loosing new devices after reboot

I can add new devices within phoscon 2.26.3, e.g. MOES Zigbeee Smart Curtain Switch oder Sonoff ZBMINIL2 Switch.

But after reboot of my Pi4 4GB Bookworm (HomeBridge Image, latest Updates) the new devices are lost but the older ones appear within phosocon.

Conbee III with latest firmware (http://deconz.dresden-elektronik.de/deconz-firmware/deCONZ_ConBeeIII_0x26510900.bin.GCF) connected via 2m USB extension cable.

Hello, it’s a VM/docker ?
Not right issues ?

It´ s a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB RAM und actual system „bookworm“.
No other issues so far.

New SD Card with following image: https://deconz.dresden-elektronik.de/sd-card-image/Phoscon_Gateway_Homebridge_2023-11-30.xz

After installation I upgraded with:

first with: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

after that: sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get -f install && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y

Than I imported my backup with several lights, switches, plugs, …

I can add new devices within Phoscon 2.26.3 but after reboot the new devices disappeared.

Can you try with logging ?
Perhas we will found something usefull inside, strange you can have right issue on pre-configured image.
Have you try in “root” mode ?

Trying to get a log file via

But after a few minutes there is no debug.txt file.

You are not using desktop OS ?
If you have headless OS, close deconz and reload it using

/usr/bin/deCONZ -platform minimal --dbg-info=2 --dbg-error=2 > debug.txt

Now I flashed Image https://deconz.dresden-elektronik.de/sd-card-image/Phoscon_Gateway_Homebridge_2023-11-30.xz

to a new SD Card.
Plugged in the Conbee III, rebooted - no firmware.

Than only updated to Phoscon Version 2.26.3, rebooted and voila - Firmware and Stick connected.

Imported Backup within Phoscon and all devices appear and are controllable.

Added new device MOES Zigbeee Smart Curtain Switch, the new device is controllable, too.

After reboot within Phoscon no more Curtain Switch??

Seems to be a problem of MOES Zigbeee Smart Curtain Switch

Is there a DDF for this device?

I need the manufacture name and the model id to see.
If not, I need to a complete capture of none (cluster list/endpoint/node title) from deconz.


You mean a device request on GitHub :wink:

Not sure yet.
@dvbcheck just look if your device have covering cluster or tuya cluster. If this device have tuya one, you can give up, deconz is not able to support tuya covering that use the tuya cluster with DDF.
And as other covering are natively reconised you have 90% luck your device use the tuya one.

The model _TZ3000_1ddOd5yi is not yet in deconz, but I don’t found information on his working mode.