LiXee ZLinky_TIC

The Zlinky can be discovered by Deconz but on OpenHAB, the only chance to pair it is using the Phoscon app and unfortunately, the LiXee Zlinky-TIC module cannot be paired. Is there another way?

You have the “bigger” post here LiXee ZLinky_TIC DDF File

You need to set the status “Gold” on the needed DDF (according your contract) to use this device

Thank you for your fast answer.
Unfortunately the deconz binding on openHAB is only a bridge to Phoscon and does not support DDF.

Except if you are using docker, It’s easier on openHAB as it use a real OS. Even if your OS is not in desktop mode natively.

All DDF provided directly with deCONZ typically reside in /usr/share/deCONZ/devices/ on a Linux system and are loaded first. However, files residing in the home directory of the user running deCONZ (e.g. /home/<DECONZUSER>/.local/share/dresden-elektronik/deCONZ/devices) will override the pre-packaged files to allow users to amend and keep their own files if desired.

Just take a look in thoses 2 folders, you will found a folder “lixee” in the first one, just edit the file you need with a text editor (can use “nano”) and restart deconz (need to edit the line “Status”, replace the “Draft” by “Gold”)

If you want the change will be definitive, just copy the file you need in the second folder (the user one)

Thank you very much Smanar.
It works fine. The Phoscon app discovered only the alarm sensor device and OpenHABB paired in addition the consumption and the power things. I have to look now what are the details on the channels.