Lidl Smart Button


I just got the Lidl (Silvercrest) smart Button and I could connect it to me deConz. However, if I press the button, it switches all lamps and all sockets on and off, which is not what i wanted. Does anyone know how to avoid this?

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From the wiki :

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Hello, what is your model id / Manufacture name ? _TZ1800_ladpngdx ?
There was a change recently on a lidl remote.


Ok so it s a new device, not yet in deconz

I did his, and now the switch doesn’t do anything.

Same issue than in the github link ?
The DDF create an useless light entry and the sensor entry ?

Yes indeed. I get a light and a sensor entry, but nothing ever changes.

Any updates here?


Hiw can I reuse the mentioned DDF file? Shall I simply wait for an upgraded new version or how do I can integrate such items with a new DDF file?

Good question, I have askd, to know if I can make a PR with the last DDF (it s not on next deconz version yet)
And yes you can use it as it, but from I m reading you need a deconz version > 2.18 to prevent the bad entries creation.

I just bought Lidl / Silvercrest Smart button model HG08164. Version 09/2021
It will not pair. I see above someone manager to pair a smart button, but looks like different model. Does it mean it will not connect till support is added ?

Hello can you give the manufacture name and the model id ? There is so much clone, hard to reconize them.

IAN 377680_2101-SSBM AT

OWIM GmbH & Co. KG

Stiftsbergstraße 1

74167 Neckarsulm GERMANY

Model No.: HG08164 Version: 09/2021

That’s not what we asked for.

Is it showing in Deconz?

No it does not pair. So i’ve no evidence of any recognition in DeCONZ window of the ConBee II.
Using smart buttons is new for me in zigbee. I’ve many sensors and lights running and use H.A. to automate. But on the “magic” of pairing a new device, DeCONZ capabilities, it’s (still) magic4me.
If I knew how to find the logging of the pairing attempts this might help I think. Or hints/tips to get the attempts of pairing more succesfull. For now pairing is a magic black-box: it works or fails without any troubleshooting hints for me.

n.b. On the switch itself it shows : Silvercrest IAN377680_2101 SSBM A1 model HG08164 versie 09/2021 followed by the same information as stated in my previous reply

You need to use phoscon and not deconz for the pairing, but can take a look in deconz if you are able to see the node (even not reconized by the API)

On the GUI, you have logs in help/debug view, flags error * 2 and info*2 can be enought.

I don’t know this device, but which one reset procedure are you using for it ?

Hi, is this issue already solved?

If you are asking if the model with the manufacture name “_TZ3000_rco1yzb1” is supported, the answer is yes, else IDK.