Issues after migration to Conbee III

There is no official version for the batterie issue yet.

I stand corrected, the TRADFRI does work with 2.24.3 / 264F0900.
It just so happened that it somehow got disconnected from the network and I needed to powercycle the stick and deCONZ.

Hi, small update here: The next firmware version addresses these issues with various bug fixes and is currently under test. It should arrive in a few days.


For everybody experiencing issues, you might want to try out the latest firmware release and share your experiences: Firmware Changelog · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub


Not looking good with this one I’m afraid (26500900)

I have a large amount of Ikea Shortcut Buttons and they consistently drop on and off. Eventually they don’t come back online at all and you have to re-pair them.

Also, Hue motion sensors are dropping on and off constantly. They show incorrect states and for all intents and purposes, no longer work. The red lights constantly blink which show they’ve lost their connections.

Lights (mostly Ikea) seem to largely work, although there are some instances of slow-downs.

Can’t speak for battery drain because after a few hours of allowing the network to stabilise and still fighting with these issues I reverted back to the Conbee II. The Conbee II - which is running the most current firmware - 26780700 solved all of these issues immediately and is incredibly stable as of 2.25.3 running within the new Home Assistant add-on. I have a large network of some 140 devices - about 50/50 router and end point. So that’s good enough for me.

Was intrigued at the prospect of a better radio with more direct connections to improve stability, but in fact the deCONZ version proved to be the cause of the main issue I was having before. When multiple devices were operated at once (in one room there are over 30 CWS lights in a zigbee group for example) and you then operate another device - i.e. light in another room, there was a significant delay before it responded - fixed in 2.25.3. And other issues - like slow non-zigbee scene recall have proven to be related either to Home Assistant itself or the Pi 3 b+ I’m running it on. So the Conbee III experiment was worth doing to discover all of this, but unfortunately it’s not ready for use just yet.

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So am I correct this is now implemented in 0x26500900 ?

We have the first reports that Ikea devices work better with the new firmware.
Before Update please check the Wiki and Firmware-Changelog (now updated for backup and trouble shooting).

Thank you for addressing the issue! I will test the new firmware somewhere in the next couple of days.

I replaced most of the older “mission critical” switches with Styrbars and Rodrets, powered by rechargeable AAA’s. But I still have a few shortcut and dimmer buttons in use that drain quickly, so I can report on those.

I fully agree with this assessment. I am in a similar situation and will not switch to ConBee III before these issues are fixed. That said I also agree that 2.25 3 on ConBee II is the best DeCONZ we ever had. I experience virtually no delays, drops anymore. Even the notorious USB disconnects are significantly reduced although not yet completely eliminated.

One curious effect I noticed when testing ConBee III: pairing of devices works better through a relay (a spare Blitzwolf plug in this case) then directly. In fact, I could pair Aqara multisensor only through the plug, if it is removed from the network pairing of the multisensor fails ( I tried many times).

Update: after upgrading ConBee III firmware to 26500900, pairing worked without issues, yay!


Glad you could pair OK. Are you experiencing the issues I was with that firmware version? All of my comments above were based on that firmware. Was very problematic for me vs the Conbee II

I didn’t dare to do the full switch and only tested with very few devices with ConBee III until now (Lumi Smart Switch, Multisensor and Blitzwolf plug). Maybe in one of the coming weeks I will feel adventurous enough :slight_smile: . I dont have Ikea devices, but a few Hue motion sensors. Ok, maybe I have one spare then I could test this one already now.

Hue motion sensor came up immediately. Note that the distance to the ConBee III is virtually only 10cm, and the network is very small. I will monitor a bit whether anything strange happens (drops, etc.).

I agree 2.25.3 with conbee II is the best Deconz I ever had.

I have aqara sensors got unavailable(with new batteries) something wrong with Conbee 3 firmware 26500900 / 2.25.3 - switch back to conbee 2 no problem