Ikea lights show always on


On Phoscon app IKEA Trädfri lights does show state ON, while they are not.
Why is this ?
Any Idee ?


What does the API show? Are you using Home-assistant or something else?

Can you please provide more context?

Hi, yes bit more context may help. I hope this helps :slight_smile:

  • I do run a Raspbee II V2.05.66 / 16.6.2019 Firmware 26690700.
  • I’m useing on my Apple devices Home assistant
  • the Phoscon API does show the IKEA devices as ON, while there are not on.
  • Other Light (Philips HUE) shown as they are.
  • When Ikea Lights switched off and on again, they turn on.
  • usually this is how I do work, but its not correct.

Hope this helps bit more

Maybe to add, there is no IKEA Gateway or other device.

This helps a bit:) Please note your on a fairy old version so you might want to update.

Nevertheless, What does the apple thingy show? Does that also show the wrong state?


well Phoscon does not show any update requirement :

The apple devices show also same state. SO I do think its is not the issue.

How do I update the raspbee ?

The firmware seems up to date, but the software isn’t. You need to update it like you normally do with software. Either apt-get update /. apt-get upgrade deconz on linux or just install the new version if your running Windows.

Hi, did the update. Let’s see if this works. Will watch it some time.

Well, maybe the update did not work like it should. seems the certificate of deconz.dresden-elektronik.de is not ok. How I get a new valif one installed ?

'Hi, which version nr of deconz . should it be if 2.05.66 is not actual ?


Well, than I will have to get this first done. They way explained leand to “Certifikate is not valid of Dresden Elektronik” So I try other way. Lets see.

You dont need the page as far as i know. ConBee II Installation Check that one and follow it for Raspbian. Make sure to backup first

Well I’m using a RaspBee II not ConBee II. Does this matter ?

Just use the Raspbee II setup guide :wink:

Well my Raspi tell me 2.05.66 is newset :


You are on a very old OS. I am not sure if it’s even supported.

Did you alos run “sudo apt-get update” ?

Sure. I even update the whole raspi OS.

You did that command or did you do sudo apt-get upgrade?

sure I did :slight_smile:

As it runs on a Raspi 3B. I think I’m done.