Ikea lights show always on

But it say : Already newest version 2.05.66 …

@Mimiix Here must something wrong :slight_smile:

in the installation of deconz !!!

If I check under /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ after this was executed, there is nothing like deconz.list

There should be, i’ve used that guide myself. Are you on the latest raspbian (bullseye?)
@de_employees can you help here?


what does lsb_release -cs print out?

what does ls -lah /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ print out?

Hi, @Mimiix I did :slight_smile:

  • Remove Deconz
  • update from Stretch to Buster
  • Installed new with :slight_smile:
    sudo -i sh -c "echo ‘deb http://phoscon.de/apt/deconz $(lsb_release -cs) main’ \


Maybe you the the fault in the skript from phoscon.de/de/raspbee2/install

Now Deconz is running with Version 2.13.04 (18.12.2021)
Firmware 26690700.

Lets see if my initial problem is solved !

Need to check all lights setup etc…

Thanks for some hints. :wink:

not sure what you mean with this :sweat_smile:

Sorry mistyped.
I would like to say : maybe you see the fault in this…
Guess there is a mistake in the explanation there is a ˋ\ˋ to much in the script. So it does generate a file with name \ which is a problem…


By the way @Mimiix seems you were wright with deconz version 2.13. it does work fine sofar.

Thanks again.

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I think the \ is used to indicate a new line :thinking:

Happy it works again!!

They shouldn’t do this, as you tend to copy and past these text…