Hue Tap Dial: cannot link switch to any group

I just got a new Hue Tap Dial switch (RDM002). Pairing via Phoscon app worked fine, but while it shows up in the list of switches, it never shows up in any group’s switch editor when trying to “Link switch”.

Some points:

  • Raspbee II on Raspberry Pi with Deconz Debian Buster Image
  • Deconz v. 2.19.03
  • As other switches, I have four Hue Dimmer switch V2 and seven Ikea Trådfri working without problems to control light groups. They show up properly when I try to link a group to a switch.
  • I successfully updated the RDM002’s firmware from 2.59.19 to 2.59.25, but this did not help to get it to link to groups
  • The switch’s node info is all the same as in the screenshots in this thread: Hue tap dial switch · Issue #6160 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub - except for the info in “Basic Cluster”, where ZCL version, Application v., Stack v., and HW v. are reported as “0” rather than 8 / 2 / 1 / 1, respectively.
  • Key presses on the 4 buttons appear in the log as expected as 1000 / 1002 to 4000 / 4002, and turning the wheel appears as rotaryevent, e.g.:
    • Websocket send message: {"e":"changed","id":"41","r":"sensors","state":{"buttonevent":2002,"eventduration":1,"lastupdated":"2022-12-31T15:14:22.202"},"t":"event","uniqueid":"00:17:88:01:0d:35:2d:ac-01-fc00"} (ret = -1093394424
    • Websocket send message: {"e":"changed","id":"42","r":"sensors","state":{expectedeventduration":400,"expectedrotation":30,"lastupdated":"2022-12-31T15:19:19.244","rotaryevent":1},"t":"event","uniqueid":"00:17:88:01:0d:35:2d:ac-14-fc00"} (ret = -1093394424
  • button presses are also logged in the Home Assistant - Deconz integration

Any ideas why I cannot link the Tap Dial to any light groups?

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Here are some screenshots to demonstrate the issue:

RDM002 is connected as switch:

But RDM002 cannot be linked to any light group.

Even though the log indicates that Phoscon can see that buttons (e.g., 2002) are pressed on RDM002 and that the wheel is turned, I cannot assign the buttons a function anywhere. Through the deconz-integration in HomeAssistant I can see the device, but the only trigger related to the device that HA lets me program is “battery level changes”, and no indication of the buttons or the wheel.

Are there any files / settings in which I can manually check that Phoscon understands the 4 buttons of the Hue Tap Dial?

We know about this issue and currently working on a bugfix. The solution should be in the next deCONZ updates.


Ok thanks for the update, that’s great to know!

any updates on that? Looking forward to fully utilize the switch

We have problems with the implementation of the knob.
The keys are operated without problems and can also be assigned as desired. We would like to release the update as complete as possible, i.e. with the rotary control. We ask for a little patience here.

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We have been able to eliminate all errors so far. We can now also guarantee the functionality of the rotary control.
The changes are currently still being put through their paces and will be published in one of the next releases.


Great news, definitely looking forward to testing it out! Thanks!

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Thanks for the effort and update @Gautama

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Any news regarding this issue? I just updated to latest beta 2.22.0. But same issue. Able to pair the device in phoscon app, but not able to connect it to any rooms.

Same here, I can’t link any buttons yet on 2.22.0 beta. Are the fixes already integrated in that beta release?

Hy guys and sorry for the really late response.
For now, the feature with the rotary control is just part of the Android app.
Unfortunately, there were some serious bugs during the transfer to the normal web app, which we are currently trying to solve.

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Sorry, but there is no switch editor in the Android app, so please give us a working solution.

It is already in the API. So if you use a HA system it will work.

Have you assigned the Tap Dial’s buttons to any scences / automations, and if so, via which integration / API?
I use the deconz Integration in Home Assistant and I can see the Tap Dial, but the only trigger that I can see is “battery level changes”, and nothing about the buttons. I can see the button presses in the Deconz log, but I don’t know how to access these as triggers from anywhere else - any suggestions?

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Check the deconz documentation on home assistant. There you see how to use events to trigger automations.

I’m stuck on pretty much the same position as flixha.
The Tap Dial won’t show up any trigger in the HA-interface whilst listening on “decent_event” so the suggested way via trigger based automatizations won’t work cause HA does not register any events from the switch (besides the battery level).

I have the same problem. The tap dial switch would be perfect to use for all my bedrooms…

Are you saying that you can see that there are no button events from the device over web socket between deconz and HA?

That is correct. Deconz/pho’s on does accept the tap dial during normal binding process but then once connected nothing happens while listening on the events.

Tested on HASS Core 2023.9.2 and deconz 6.20.0