Https:// Show [ ]

Until a few days ago, I could simply connect to the gateway via app. Now, unfortunately, no more. At I only get “[ ]” back. Any idea?

You have disabled the discovery, or a firewall rules ?

where can I disable the Discovery?

Was a question ^^.
It’s in phoscon / Gateway / advanced on bottom, you need to have it enabled.

Good hint if you can’t get the software. Unfortunately I have no possibility to set anything in the GUI.

Not in deconz (the GUI), in phoscon (the webapp).

That is my problem:

I Can’t Start the app

What if you use the local ip where you have deconz hosted ?

You mean : xx.yy.zz.30:81/discover?

This is not the page you are looking for

The file /discover couldn’t be found.

No, put in /pwa.

Same again :worried:

Did you try another browser / device?

Additionally what did you change prior this happening ?

Yes. Chrome, Firefox, Safari. MacOS, iOS, Android

Did you try the local ip + pwa on another browser ?

Yes, of course

Can you please answer my other question?

That’s really the weird thing: I had only updated plugins within Homebridge. None has to do with DeConz.

Any plugin related to networking ?

Online the shellyPlugIn