Homematic 141378A0


Is the Homematic 141378A0 compatible with deconz/RaspBee II?


What does it take to make it happen?

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Not sure. Do you own one?

Have you searched the github?

No. I wanted to know before I buy it.:wink: And yes, I looked around in several resources but so far could not find any hints for support of this DIN rail (“Hutschiene”) Zigbee relay.

There is a 2- channel and a 1- channel relay from Ubisys, the S2-R (1168) or S1-R (1151), that could serve as alternative, but they cost over 100€.

Are you aware of any other DIN rail (“Hutschiene”) Zigbee relays that are supported by deconz?

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PS @Mimiix and everybody:

Oh my bad! If I red the initial finding of this relay thoroughly enough, I would have immediately understood that a CCU is needed and that this does not work with zigbee. My sincerest apologies!

Please close this. Thank you!

I opened a new topic with a more general question about DIN rail relays:

I only know one from Develco Smart Relay 16A DIN with built-in power metering functionality
They are cheaper, but therefore also harder to get around here. Only know cozfiy shop from Finnland offering them so far.


More than a year later I still have not found a ZigBee device for the DIN rail that is compatible with deconz. :frowning:

Has anybody of you found something that works and is available (in Germany)?

These are quiet easy to implement with a DDF tho. Perhaps work out of the box as it’s a simple turn on or off.

What’s a DDF?


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Sorry, but I have no idea how this would solve my problems, i.e. finding and using a DIN ray ZigBee/deconz-compatible relais to switch a 230 V device. What have I overlooked?

That you can ignore compatible. If it isn’t supported, you can easily add support.

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