DIN rail ("Hutschiene") Zigbee relay?


Are you aware of any DIN rail (“Hutschiene”) Zigbee relays that are supported by deconz?

Thanks so much for your feedback (English or German)! :slight_smile:

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You have the brand “Legrand” in Germany ?

I assume that that I could order items from Legrand, but I could not find a zigbee relay for the DIN rail. What have I missed? Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

They have a gamme called drivia, only rail din devices, there is a relay, a teleruptor, power measurement, ect …

You have the french version here Découvrez Drivia with Netatmo, le premier tableau électrique connecté de Legrand - Espace Pro | Legrand


I have a few Ubisys devices running and they work usually without problems. OTA update is possible too. The only drawback is the price tag :wink:


More than a year later I still have not found a ZigBee device for the DIN rail that is compatible with deconz. :frowning:

I was not able to find the linked device from Legrand to buy in Germany.

Has anybody of you found something that works and is available?

Add DDF for Tuya / TONGOU TO-Q-SV1-ZT by BabaIsYou · Pull Request #6842 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub ?
There is also a version with metering not implemented for now, but may be not so difficult with DDF.

I was not able to find the linked device from Legrand to buy in Germany.

For exemple

Or on amazon

There is too a DIN realy on Casa.ia and perhaps 3/4 on tuya clones.

Just type the word you are searching on google.

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Erm, thank you, but I do not want or need Netatmo. Maybe I misunderstood something about it, though. The simpler it is, the better, so a plain ZigBee/deconz-compatible DIN rail device without any ado would be great. :wink:

Have you seen the link I gave earlier to already supported Tongou device ?
May be it’s not what you are searching for ? Have a look at Products - TONGOU Electrical

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Thank you both for the links, I will (again) look into and sorry in case I misunderstood you.

@Mimiix and other experts:
Are these DIN rail interrupters meant as replacement of the classic interrupters (called “FI-Schalter” or “Sicherung” in German, I believe), or should they be used in addition? If the latter, should they be placed before or after the classic interrupter?

I have no idea. Best to ask a electrician of your area.

However, If you want to use them as safety devices, i strongly to purchase a good brand.

Well, I already have all the safety interrupters installed but am not sure if I want to remotely switch a (garden) device (which even has its own “FI-Schalter”), where the “intelligent” ZigBee interrupter should be looped in. But your advice to ask an electrician is good, of course; even better to have it installed by one. :slight_smile:

Im using Ubisys DINrail with Deconz. These work out of the box.

They are also sold as BEGA rebrands.

They are not intended to replace the FI - place them behind as a power switch.

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Thank you so much, this looks very promising! :smiley:

The S2-R can provide 2 devices, with 500VA max. each, whereas the S1-R is for one device with 3680VA max. (16A @230V).

I plan to control my garden pump (1050W), so it seems I need the S1-R.

The S2 (500 W) was too weak for my garden pump, and the S1 is either not available or very expensive (>175 €).

Now I’m back to zero and still searching…

I could not find something from Legrand that I could order in Germany, and I’m not willing to buy via A’Express.

Is the “LUPUSEC - DIN2”* compatible with deCONZ?


Any other advice?

But my previous link was for germany ?

My bad, of course!