Forcing connection to router

Here I am with another n00b question…

I have a water sensor in my basement. It can sometimes maintain a connection to my Conbee2, but usually not. So I put a Philips Hue bulb down there, too, to act as a router.

The bulb has a nice, strong connection to the Conbee2, but I can’t seem to get the sensor to connect to the bulb. It stays connected to the Conbee2 and then when it loses that connection, it just stays disconnected.

I tried selecting the sensor in the GUI and hitting 0, A, and 9 a couple of times, thinking that might make it “see” the bulb, but no luck.

Is there a way to manually connect the sensor to the bulb so that it will always have a connection?

Aqara sensors often don’t change parents. It often helps to re-pair the device on the place where you are going to use it.

Just so I’m clear: When you say “re-pair,” do you mean delete the sensor in Phoscon and then re-add it while down in the basement? Or is there another way to re-pair it?

Yes. Exactly that

OK, did that and it has a signal going to the bulb now! Thanks!