Forcing connection to router plug

I found this issue Forcing connection to router
However, following the instructions (delete the device and re-pair it) did not work.

I have a motion sensor in the bathroom that always falls off the network.
I thought it was battery related and got new batteries, nope
Bought a plug to use are an extended/router, nope
Keeps showing on decent as red battery, changed battery again, nope
Bought a newer motion sensor with programmable timeout, this one also still shows red battery and wont connect to the plug.

Not sure what else to try.

Hi, is this a Aqara sensor?

That is correct. All the sensors are aqara.
The plug is a third reality plug. It’s a full capability plug not reduced.

I recommend removing it and pair it in the place you are using it.

Aqara sensors (almost) never switch parents. This causes the behavior you are seeing.

Correct. I mentioned that I followed your steps in the post referenced and have already done that. Same thing. I’ve actually repaired it 4-5 times now. No dice.

The new plug seems to have a bad connection, thats why it probably is not using that.

You can’t force a device over a specific route afaik.