Firmware not connected

Hey There, I tried to install my raspbee II on my Raspberry pi 3B+ yesterday (Homebridge).
Firmwareupdate failed aswell.
Additionally no manufacturer and no firmware is displayed.
The RTC-time works. Idk whats wrong…

@Domi77 I made a new topic out of your post as we generally don’t allow topic hijacking.

Prior this happening, did you click “firmware updatE”?

Oh, I‘m sorry. I hope someone could help me with that…
Please tell me if you need more information.

Can you share some logs? And also, please answer my question😋

I’ve used this instruction to update the raspbee: RaspBee II Installation

@mimiix Do you have time to look at it via Teamviewer?

@Mimiix That was the link for RTC. That was the instruction to update the raspbee.

Nope, I don’t do that.

Can you share some logs? I made a post on the forum on what we need and how to do that.