[Docker] stable tag does not point to 2.19.3

As I understand, Release Dorano 路 dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin 路 GitHub is stable.

But the docker image Docker stable tag is still pointing to 2.19.1. Is there any reason for that?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Good question, but there is problem ATM on 2.19.X version, a better version is coming.

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Yea, since upgrade the integrated webserver does not respond to anything. Ill wait and see.

Ha ?
Hu ? Issue on the webserver is something new. Do you have the same issue using phoscon ? (It use same webserver than other third app)

Which issues did you mean?

Since upgrade the Phoscon WebUI does not respond. Sending curl request to Port 80 times out. Did not looked further on this. I will simply wait for your mentioned new release and investigate further later.

@phdelodder perhaps you can help out here

I have to rebuild it and update the tag.

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Updated to latest release, issue persist - but its not related to the web server. the whole deconz simply freezes. deconz ONLY (with phoscon plugin). The log froze too. I can tell its not the container, because the VNC connection works! the deconz windows is moveable by mouse but the contents are frozen. and so is the phsocon plugin.

I guess this is worth a new thread? I could do some more logging.