Devices don't appear in phocon


I’ve some device don’t appear in phocon but work very well with deconz. I’ve some device appear in phocon but not correctly. Can I help to add them in phocon and how ?

I use phocon and deconz with jeedom so I don’t have a GUI. I’m in the last stable version 2.11.5

Perhaps they are not supported in the Phoscon App yet. There are many devices that are supported in the Rest API and deCONZ but in the app only generic lights and few switches / sensors are shown.
See the compatibility list for the phoscon app: ConBee II Kompatibilitätsliste

You can also try the beta version of the Phoscon app. ( some more switches supported.

The devices that are not shown correctly are switches? There is a feature that switches that are not supported in the phoscon app are shown with a generic switch symbol. They can also be configured with the switch editor in the phoscon app. I’m not sure if this is already in the 2.11.5 vresion.

We need this:

@ChrisHae thanks . It’s switch and sensors
When I click on you link I’ve this message

This Browser is not supported :frowning:

Please use one of the supported browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Samsung Browser
  • Edge

@Mimiix Yes we realy need this ^^ ?

Thats strange it is basically the same web app as the locally installed Phoscon app.

Ok I try with opera and it’s work.

I see all my device an can update those I can’t before. Thank you !
What is the différence between the link you gave and https://myip:8484 ? I don’t understand why I can use a beta if I installed a stable version ?

The phoscon app is basically a web app installed on your system when installing deCONZ. There is also an online version of the phoscon app that is accesible via
And the beta is also accessible online via the link I posted above. with another version then the non-beta.

Ok thanks