Deconz over TCP

Hey guys!

I am very interested in the ability to work with remote sticks. How it is implemented in the zigbee2mqtt project.

The ability to work through ser2net allows to assemble a control center on one host, which greatly facilitates the management of the network as a whole.

  • In this regard, I have a question for the leaders of the project and our respected programmers. Is this possible in our realities and prospects?
  • What difficulties are there in the current code for the implementation of this feature, or what blocks are there now for the implementation of this?

I would be very grateful for the constructiveness, for ideas, for thoughts, and let’s discuss this moment. Thank u in advance.

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As I see, this connection method is not interested for the people. :expressionless:

Hello, I’m also interesting by this feature.
deCONZ would run as a docker in my NAS, and the Combee is in a raspberry with ser2net or equivalent.

For maintenance and flexibility reason, I don’t want to run deCONZ on the raspberry.

I already use this for a zwave installation (openhab)

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I agree, this is very convenient for me, u can also use devices that can provide access to his own usb ports, for example mikrotik routers and etc :+1:

I think that’s interesting.

There is no ETA for this feature but it will come :slight_smile: The upcoming GCFFlasher4 already contains the first bits of code for this with the -c option, which starts a permanent connection to the firmware. Later on the messages can be passed between TCP / UDP and a remote client like deCONZ which could run on a different host.

You may wonder why GCFFlasher4 and not ser2net directly? GCFFlasher4 is very portable and works on every thinkable platform with a C compiler (also things like BSD and Haiku), further it handles reconnection and can update the firmware.

Another things which will happen in the future is the separation of deCONZ + REST API and the GUI. The GUI gets replaced by more portable rewrite without Qt, which will look very different from what the GUI is today.


Woooow @manup! I don’t even know what to say :slight_smile: Firstly, I’m glad to see u ova here in this topic buddy, and secondly, what u said is very cool! Concerning GCFFlasher4 megainteresting. Separating GUI and REST-API yes I’m long waiting for that…

I am delighted that the remote stick connections will be supported in the future, it will be great! :+1:

Thanks @manup , Glad to see u in the topic! :wink:

Are you saying implicitly that a conbee stick won’t work with ser2net? I’m trying to make it work right now; having the stick attached to an openwrt device and the phoscon/z2m/ha running in the garage…

EDIT: conbee works over ser2net. I posted the configs here.


Hi @manup,
more than one year later gcfflasher v4 is out, -c switch is there but how do i connect to a conbeeII connected via tcp to a deconz docker instance? I didn’t find anything in the documentation…
KR, Sebastian

But, U 'r talking 'bout z2m case…

To be honest guys, I can state only one fact, ZigStar kills Deconz, and Z2M kills it along with Phoscon.