Deconz almost uncontrollable, but works

Deconz 2.24.2
Conbee II firmware 26780700

OK, I have moved my installation from Hue to deconz.
I could include my Hue Lamps and stripes (all quite old), they are visible within deconz but I cannot control them. They appear most of the time as “no network” means light grey, sometimes they react on switch controls but most of the time they don´t. Creating scenes is impossible as the simple do not react on brightness, saturation etc.
I do control them via iobroker as well and the very strange thing is, controlling them in the ipbroker, they work almost perfect. So if I create a scene, they do whatever I want like a charm.

Any idea if this is something others experience as well, should i set up everything new?
Is downgrading the firmware something i should consider or even downgrading deconz to a previous version.

Hi, Can you share some logs? How to get logs?

how do I disable logging after the logs?