Conbee ii device limit of 15?

I am using a conbee ii Stick with an rpi 4 to save temperature and humidity data via node red into an db.
I get the temp and humidity data from 40 Sonoff SNZB-02 sensors.
After adding the 24th sensor it did not find any new sensors. And after testing all connected sensors only 15 sensors updated their values every few minutes.

I’ve only the battery powered SNZB-02 in the network, I have not tried adding a zigbee powerplug or similar.

Also most of the sensors (30+) will be in the same room with the conbee ii Stick, in an radius of ~5 meteres.
I’ve read somewhere that the conbee ii Stick has a limit of 200 devices, is that directly connected devices or connected over an “router” like a zigbee lamp or powerplug

Anyone got an idea where the problem could be?

EDIT: I just saw that there is an firmware update, currently I am on:
It is updating right now


Rasberry PI 4 B 8GB
Conbee ii Stick connected to USB2.0 without extension cable
Rasbian (all updated)
The only things installed are nodered and deconz

Hi @Felix

About the “200”

  • the total number of devices, the deconz solution can handle
  • it has been lifted up to 500 recently

The stick/shield can handle much less direct connections (I don’t know it by heart). Installing devices to the network those can act as routers is strongly recommended in your (and in any) case

Routers are typically mains (ac) powered devices like lights and plugs, but AFAIK it depends on the manufacturer if their light/plug can act as a router.

Hi @TheNON75, thanks for the fast response!

Can you recommend any Zigbee Routers?
I’ve just ordered 2 Hue Zigbee Smart Plugs for testing.

Do the Zigbee end devices automatically connect to the router instead of connecting directly to the conbee ii stick or do I have to make a “bridge” with multiple routers so that the conbee ii Stick is out of range to directly connect to the end devices?

Those plugs should be fine :wink:
I have innr, Osram, blitzwolf wnd bitronvideo.
IKEA should be fine too, they have a dedicated Zigbee repeater as well.

Most devices can change their parent automatically, except xiaomi/aqara ones. If these are linked, they will insist on the same connection until paired again.

FYI: checked, the stick can handle max 24 direct connections. With routers you can extend up to 512 in a very very very ideal situation.

Thanks for all that great information.

Even though that “feature” of xiaomi/awara devices is probably not intended by the zigbee standard it could be interessting to manage a lot of battery devices in a small area without overloading the gateway/routers.

Where did you see that?

I have currently 28 periph via some ‘router’ (connected plug) but I cannot find any details on it

Welcome @antho !

What exactly is the subject of your question?


I try to find how many device the conbee key can manage and cannot find any answer in the official doc :confused:

Here for the network maximum devices.


For the maximum from the coordinator (with absolutely no others routers routers) 32 from here Release The Lost Child · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

But IDK if it have moved since this date.

The limit of 32 is never reached and more often than not we see a limit of 15.

TS: you need more routers.