Conbee 3 pairing devices using devices does not work


I’m not sure if this is a ZHA problem or a firmware/device problem with the Conbee 3. When I pair a device in Home Assistant using ZHA I can connect devices without any problem using the latest firmware. However devices that are too far for the stick itself, I use hardwired devices (IE: hue GU10 spots or other hue lamps) to try pair devices in that neighborhood. When doing so, the Conbee stick does not find any devices (even when resetting the devices I try to pair).

So in HA using “add zigbee device” works but using “adding device through device” does not work.
Can anyone from Deconz confirm if this might be a ZHA problem or a firmware problem? In case ZHA, maybe work together with the ZHA team (zigpy) to solve this problem. So far the Conbee 3 inside ZHA has been rock solid… only this minor problem plagues my setup.

Logging from HA can be found in the ticket down below.

Home Assistant ticket: [ZHA] [Conbee 3] Eurotronic Spirit Zigbee does not pair · Issue #105394 · home-assistant/core (
Using firmware 0x26500900
Device: Conbee 3
Home Assistant version: 2024.2.0
Devices I try to pair: Hue motion, Aqara window/door sensors (again both work great when directly pairing)

I have similar problem with Conbee3 and same firmware version: TRVZB SONOFF problem via repeater

Good to know I’m not the only one.
@manup can you help us? Let us know if we need to provide anything for debugging.

Hi, i am the Firmware Developer for the CB3.

I can’t really recreate your Bug. For me the Pairing via a specific Parent works flawlessly. Could you provide us with a Debug-Log when trying to pair your device ?

For this go to http://HA-HOSTNAME:PORT/config/integrations/integration/zha click on “enable debug logging” and try to pair the device. After ~3Min disable the the Debug Logging. This should trigger the download of a debug file. Please send us this file via (Mail is necessary for privacy reasons, the debug-file could contain sensible Data about your Network).

Best Regards,

Please see the linked github page in the original post. There you can find logging including zha logging in debug modus.

@Haerteleric or use this link directly: [ZHA] [Conbee 3] Eurotronic Spirit Zigbee does not pair · Issue #105394 · home-assistant/core · GitHub