Can't pair Xiaomi / Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensors

I’m having some trouble adding my Xiaomi Mi Temperature and Humidity Sensors in Phoscon. These are the older round ones (WSDCGQ01LM) and I’ve seen several people post that they work fine with deCONZ. But for some reason they don’t get found. I’ve reset and tried to add them numerous times, even changed batteries.

Has anyone else had issues? What’s the best way to figure out why they don’t show up?

Since I wasn’t having any luck with the old round ones I thought I’ll order some of the newer (square) Aqara Temperature and Humidity sensors (WSDCGQ11LM), hoping that they’d work. But actually they aren’t found either :frowning: So now I’m confused as there’s plenty of people using them with deCONZ according to various online sources. What could I possibly be doing wrong? Any advice is appreciated.

I have a number of Xiaomi motion sensors and door sensors and having no trouble with those.

Did you get the new E1 aqara’s? They seem to have issues. Also, how many sensors do you have?

can you share your deconz-gui (a screen) and some logs?

I don’t think they are from the new Aqara E1 range. I added the model number in my post above, and that model has been around for a while.

I have a lot of sensors, but also a lot of routers. Screenshot of deCONZ GUI below.

Are you able to guide me on how to collect relevant logs to share?

Please use pastebin :slight_smile:

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Believe it or not, but while I was looking at the debug logs the sensors finally paired. Don’t know how many times I tried before that with no success. As if looking at the logs was the solution to the problem… :confused:

Happy to hear that :slight_smile: