Cannot find Ikea lights

I just got the conbee 2 that I plugged to my raspberry pi with a usb extension cable. I was able to connect an ikea remote however, it does not find the ikea lights. One is ~1 meter away from it, the other one ~3 meters. it has a clear line of sight to them.
I tried the pairing probably 30 times, I reset them to factory successfully a good 15 times but nothing will do, it won’t detect the lights, I don’t know what else to try :confused:

Here are the logs (it loops with these lines):
16:26:20:566 Idle timer triggered
16:26:20:567 skip binding for attribute reporting of ep: 0x00 cluster 0x1000 (end-device might sleep)
16:26:20:568 Force binding of attribute reporting for node TRÅDFRI remote control
16:26:21:000 void deCONZ::zmNode::setFetched(deCONZ::RequestId, bool) fetched item: 8, node: 0x0000

The conbee’s firmware is the latest btw.

Can you share some longer logs?

Yes, here are the logs on deconz start (I added --dbg-aps=2):
And logs while searching:

Btw my command is: /usr/bin/deCONZ --auto-connect=1 --platform minimal --http-port=8080 --dbg-info=2 --dbg-error=2 --dbg-aps=2


2 questions:

  • Do you have multiple phoscon tabs open? IF so, make sure to only have 1 open
  • Can you share longer logs? The second log while search doesn’t show any permit join being active at all.

I had two tabs open indeed.
Here are the full logs, with one tab open:
It’s the logs of deconz starting, me connecting to the app and the 3 minutes of me searching for a light.

I don’t see any indications of the lights at all. Are you sure you reset them correctly.

Arf :confused: . Well yes, I did it several times, saw the light flashing after the sixth. Could it be that I need to update the firmware on them or something? (That’d be sad because I bought a conbee to not buy an ikea gateway)
They worked with the remote before I reset it without a problem.

How many are you trying at the same time?

I tried one and two.

Does the switch pair?

It does.

I can only imagine that the lights arent in pairing mode.

Got them to pair by bringing the bulb 10cm from the conbee! Not ideal but yeah …

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