Bosch Radiator Thermostat II

Not so long time ago Bosch presented new ZigBee based Radiator Thermostat II.

Unfortunately this device is not supported yet. Also it seems there is a pairing problem - cluster information is not visible in deCONZ.

Probably device requires to use install code to pair. The code is printed on device battery cover next to Zigbee EUI-64 code.

Link to GitHub issue:

There is a similar problem with another Bosch ZigBee based device:


No news?

Anyone has any experience with these, yet? The GitHub topic mentions that this may only work unreliably…?

I have one of these. Can someone explain to me how to connect These in phoscon using install codes?

  1. Provide the install code via the deconz REST API. I use Postman for this but there are many options for API tools. Ensure that you provide the full length of the code (36 characters without hyphens or blanks).
  2. In Phoscon, scan for a new sensor and put the battery in/remove the protective lid.
  3. In the Deconz GUI and in this case also in Phoscon, the device appears.

The Thermostat II works fine for me so far.

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Many thanks for your helpful post. How did you determine the MAC Address of the device?
There is only a Zigbee EUI-64 printed on the battery cover.

The EUI-64 corresponds to the MAC address.

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Thanks a lot! Scanning as a sensor and using the EUI-64 (Capital letters, seems to be case sensitive) did the trick.