Aqara H1 EU Single Rocker


I bought Aqara H1 EU Single Rocker (Model WS-EUK01) and when Phoscon find this Zigbee Object he find like a light and not like a switch.

How can I do it manually or there is a fix to find this Zigbee like a switch and not like a light?

Thanks for your help

ConBee II
Version: 2.12.06 / 19/08/2021
Firmware: 26720700

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I’m also interested in this topic. Although is not a major problem being identified as light there’re some cases where you can loose extra functions. Doble tap, hold, etc.

That is the “issue” find like a light I lose the possibility of switch Editor in Phoscon. If someone has a tipp or idea to transform this “light” in switch purpose would be great. Perhaps in Deconz configuration …

I think that Phoscon needs to do that themselves.

Hi Mimiix,

What do you mean? Unfortunately this Aqara H1 Single Rocker by Phoscon is view like a light and not like a switch. Means less possibility to configure a workflow with a connected light and a connected switch. How to resolve this?

Well, the people behind Phoscon need to fix it.


@sirinveen can you please send us the API Log from this device.
Go into our web-app → Help → API Information → use the filters to find your device (it should be under lights then and not under swichtes) and copy / paste the log.

Hi @Gautama ,

Here the json Log of the Aqara H1 EU Single Rocker identify like a light:

“etag”: “0239e675879f59bc36da3a1576318967”,
“hascolor”: false,
“lastannounced”: “2021-09-22T12:56:18Z”,
“lastseen”: “2021-09-24T12:39Z”,
“manufacturername”: “LUMI”,
“modelid”: “lumi.switch.l1aeu1”,
“name”: “On/Off light 32”,
“state”: {
“alert”: “none”,
“on”: false,
“reachable”: true
“swversion”: “01-12-2021”,
“type”: “On/Off light”,
“uniqueid”: “54:ef:44:10:00:0f:d6:db-01”

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Sounds like something went wrong during pairing of the switch.
If you have access to the deCONZ GUI you can try click on the left radio button on the switch node and then click at the checkbox next to “Read Node Descriptor”. You have to wake up the switch by pressing a few buttons multiple times.

Or you can just try to re-pair the switch in the Phoscon app.


Hi @ChrisHae

(1) When I click on the checkbox (Read node descriptor) I can see the value with 001 in one second and after return to 000. Try to wake up the switch by pressing 10 times the button but don’t see any change.

(2)(3) When I delete the node (On/Off light 32) from deCONZ and try to make a re-pair from Phoscon Switch menu after 3 minutes I receive the message “Failed to connect”. In the meantime he find a light and re-create me the node (On/Off light 32). But this is a light and not a switch :confused:

Perhaps I must take off the switch from the electricity power and retry to re-pair? I will do later.

What I do is a reset of the Aqara H1 single Rocker with a long press on the switch for 5 seconds until I see the blue led blinking. But despite that Phoscon don’t find like a switch but like a light.

More info:

You have tried to add it as a genereic switch in the Phoscon app?
I think this switch can only be added in the beta version of the Phoscon app at this time.
visit and login to your gateway (click the p icon to search your gateway if it isn’t there)
then go to the switches beta page → add new switch and and choose Bush Jaeger and click at the FoH switch.
I think that should do the trick.

Edit: Wait, I confused your Aqara switch with a FoH switch. That was another thread…

One of our developer has that same switch and he will look at this issue this week.

Thanks for your support. I will be waiting :wink:


Any news?

Trying to connect the wired “H1 EU with Neutral, Double Rocker” switch, but it won’t connect as a switch, much like what has been said above.
It did connect as two separate lights.

Did you ever get it to work?
I just got mine and sadly it identifies as 2 lights no matter how many re-pairings I do.

But this device is wired ?
So it’s a “zigbee” bulb, not a switch ?

It’s a wired switch that can be controlled over zigbee, so it definitely shouldn’t be a bulb.
Why would it even be considered a bulb, makes no sense at all.

can be controlled over zigbee

You send request to it, like for a bulb.

Bulb receive order, you make request to then to “turn on” or turn “off”
Switch send order, they send request/information.

Wired switch are bulbs
Battery switch are sensor (switch)

In a zigbee group, this device will receive order from for exemple a battery switch like other bulbs.

That does make sense.
There’s no way to control wireless switches from HomeKit, so having them controllable like bulbs is the way to go. Of course I’d prefer some other visual than a light on HomeKit, but that’s on Apple.

The main problem for me is that the decoupling mode is not working at all.