Aqara H1 EU Single Rocker

Sadly for the moment I receive from @ChrisHae no resolution :-/

It’s not a wireless control it’s a wired switch (Aqara H1 EU)

I’m not agree wired switch or wireless switch must be switch considered and not like a Bulb. A switch is a switch :wink: and I want use it like a switch in Phoscon configuration and not like a Bulb. :wink:

@timbru31 Decoupling works, but it doesn’t work the zigbee way, but the Xiaomi (handling must be in software) being kinda sad.

Agreed, having a physical switch being identified as a bulb is stupid, it removes functions like double-press, long-press and tripple-press features.

Depend of device, most of wired switch havent the decoupling feature. So if you put it in a zigbee group it will work like a bulb not like a switch. The hardware inside is the same. And it support only on and off.

Some Aqara/Xiaomi have the decoupling feature, so this kind of device can be use as bulb + switch.

I haven’t this device, so I can’t be sure, but even on z2m github it don’t seem this device support double-press, long-press and tripple-press features and ect … This kind of action is generaly for switches (battery devices) and not for bulbs (and this device is a bulb)

Supported features don’t depend how look the device (or the picture on phoscon), but on the hardware inside.

When I attach this accessory with a Aqara hub he find this Aqara H1 EU like a switch (Model AK071 / Name: Switch D6DB / Firmware Version: 1411). And I can see in my HomeKit like a switch.

It’s really pity that Phoscon don’t see this accessory like a switch. I want use Phoscon switch editor and not HomeKit Automation. :frowning:

It’s not possible to change a Bulb to a Switch by settings in Deconz?

What do you not understand ?
It’s a bulb ! Even you see it in switch editor, you will be not able to use it, it s the same hardware than in a bulb inside a switch.
If it make you happy, phoscon dev can display a switch instead of a bulb, but it will be only cosmetic.

It NOT use the same zigbee command than a switch to be used in the switch editor.
It’s perhaps possible if you use the decoupled mode, but from z2m you will have only on/off, and if you use the decoupled mode it mean using it physically will not switch the light natively.

It’s possible to change the plastic outside the hardware, it s possible to display a switch instead of a bulb, it s possible to call it a switch but it’s a bulb hardware.

To make it easy to understand.
If you can send command to a device to turn on a light > bulb
If the device can only send command but not receive them > switch.
You can too look in the zigbee technical documentation to see how work router, group, and ect to understand better the difference.

It could be possible that it supports both cases. Of course It can be controled as bulb because it receives zigbee comands and then controls the hard-wired (non-zigbee) light. But it could also act as a zigbee switch that controls other zigbee lights. There are other hard-wired zigbee switches that kan do that.

The implementation of this switch is currently in development by an external. We couldn’t test it ourself yet. We share the news when its done.

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Partial goods news with the last beta Deconz 2.13.3 he find Aqara H1 EU like a switch. And I can switch on and off with Deconz.

Unfortunately when I create a room with a Sensor in Phoscon I cannot see in the sensor settings the Aqara H1 EU Switch. And cannot setting the check mark. I want to combine sensor and switch.

@ChrisHae have you a idea to resolve this issue?

I think we have to wait for the next release, don’t we?

yes probably :neutral_face: In meantime I use now Node-Red to have more possibility with Aqara Switch.

No improvement so far, unfortunately, even with addon 6.12.0