All Osram Plugs loosing connection

since a few weeks all my Osram-Plugs (indoor and outdoor) looses their connection. After searching new divices they are connected. Short time later again disconnected. Any other with that problem?
Regards Dirk

Hi, can you share some logs? There’s a topic called how to make logs that describes how to create and share.

Also, what version and stick are you running?

I will try

Can`t find it how to create an log

Conbee 3, updated to latest beta yesterday, before last stable

Here is my logfile:

Can you use pastebin?

Thanks for help :wink:

Is this what you need to see it?


I don’t see any issues.

It would be useful if you can capture logs when the disconnection happens

it happens during the logfile was build.

Not that i can see.

It is not in that log

14:27:37:479 Load config fwversion: 0x26450900 from db.

This seem to be ConBee III with the older initial firmware version 0x26450900 from 15-Nov-2023.
I’d suggest to update to the recent version deCONZ_ConBeeIII_0x26510900.bin.GCF since there were many bug fixes in between these versions.

(Note this week a new version will be published to solve problems with some Aqara devices, you may want to consider waiting for that update).

The update steps are described in wiki/Update-deCONZ-manually

Important: Due the old firmware version there is a chance that the configuration gets corrupted. In that case, after the update, you need to restore the configuration as described in wiki/Network-lost-issues

i will try it

I did the firmware-update. Still the same, lost all connections of the plugs

Even with the configuration restauration ?

yes, got connection but after a few minutes all plugs are disconnected

You didn’t manage to capture the disconnection?

Also, can you share a screenshot of deconz when all devices are connected and have the lqi display enabled?

lqi display?